Savor the Flavors of the Season with the Bigelow Tea Holiday Teas

 4 of Winter Bigelow Seasonal Teas

Winter is a season of warmth, coziness, and delightful teas. As the days grow shorter and the temperatures drop, it is time to wrap yourself in a blanket, nestle up to the fire, and indulge in the delicious and festive tastes of the season, the Bigelow Holiday Tea Collection. Let's learn more about each Bigelow Tea blend where each sip is truly a winter wonderland.

Ginger Snappish: A Spicy Herbal Tea Adventure

Picture this: a snow-covered landscape, a crackling fireplace, and a cup of Bigelow Tea Ginger Snappish Herbal Tea warming your hands. This tea combines the bold, zesty flavor of ginger with subtle hints of lemon zest and cinnamon. It is truly an adventure for your taste buds, as the ginger spice brings us back to gingerbread houses and zingy cookies, while the cinnamon provides a sweet, earthy kick to each cup. This herbal tea is perfect for any time of day or night.

Tea tip: High quality ingredients in every cup of Bigelow Tea Ginger Snappish Herbal Tea may also support your immunity during the winter season!

Eggnog’n Black Tea: A Sip of Nostalgia

Eggnog is a classic holiday treat, and Bigelow Tea has captured its essence in our Bigelow Tea Eggnog’n Black Tea. This blend of black and green tea with rich and creamy eggnog flavors is a brew with a smooth and elevated finish. Enjoy this tea throughout the season while reminiscing about holiday gatherings or simply savoring a delightful moment just for you.

Tea tip: This Easy Eggnog Latte recipe is a delicious and easy-to-make tea infused holiday treat!

Peppermint Bark Herbal Tea: Sweet Minty Bliss

Peppermint is a minty fresh superstar, and our Bigelow Tea Peppermint Bark Herbal Tea is a true crowd-pleaser. The refreshing flavor, paired with the sweetness of chocolate, creates a delightful balance in every cup. It's like sipping a candy cane, but with a twist of sophistication. Whether you're winding down after a long day of holiday planning or want to share a cup with friends or family, this tea is the perfect choice for a wonderful unexpected mug.

Tea tip: Try this Peppermint Bark Latte recipe for a new way to enjoy this flavor!

Hot Cinnamon Black Tea: Spice Up Your Day

Sometimes the season calls for a little spice, and that's where Bigelow Hot Cinnamon Black Tea comes in. The bold, spicy cinnamon flavor invigorates your chilly winter mornings into a moment of reflection and peace. If you're hosting a winter gathering, serve this tea with a slice of apple pie for a delightful pairing that will have your guests asking for more.

Tea tip: Mulled Cinnamon Wine recipe or Hot Cinnamon Buttered Whiskey recipe are a great way to wow and warm your guests this winter!

Gifts and Gatherings

Looking for the perfect gift for a tea lover or planning a holiday get-together? Bigelow's winter collection of holiday teas is an excellent choice. Create an elegant tea station at your party with an assortment of these winter flavors, complete with honey, lemon, and cinnamon sticks for garnish. It is a delightful way to make your gathering feel warm, inviting and unique.

So, as winter blankets the world in its serene beauty, wrap yourself in the flavors of the season with Bigelow Tea. Whether you are sharing a cup with friends or enjoying a quiet moment by yourself, our holiday teas are here to make your days a little warmer and a lot more delicious. Cheers to you this season and beyond!

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