Reducing our Footprint

Because our stakeholders are the environment

We at Bigelow Tea are serious about our commitment to the environment as reflected in the many energy conservation and waste reduction steps we have implemented.
Here are some of the things we’ve proudly achieved so far.

Bigelow Tea | 100% Renewable Energy Icon

renewable energy certified

Bigelow Tea | 95% Zero Wast to landfil icon

zero waste to landfill
Reuse, reduce, recycle

Bigelow Tea | 80 tons composted per year icon

tons composted per year

Bigelow Tea | 870 Solar panel icon

solar panels at Bigelow HQ

Bigelow Tea | 347 acres preserved icon

acres preserved

Bigelow Tea | 100% of boxes are recyclable icon

of boxes are recyclable

Bigelow Tea | Carbon Footprint Reduction - Image of tea tag with Green-e certification

Green-e® Certified for

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Zero Waste To Landfill

Bigelow Tea | Zero Waste to Landfill - image showing bundled recycleable items