Bigelow Tea Immune Support Teas Feature Ingredients With Functional Benefits

Bigelow Teas that help support immunity

Tea has become a regular addition to self-care routines. We have found that consumers, seek beautiful, delicious teas which feature ingredients that provide functional benefits. Consumers spoke and we at Bigelow Tea listened and so with that, we developed the now, ever-popular Bigelow Immune Support Teas which offer an extensive range of blends that are not only flavorful, but are also packed with probiotics, essential vitamins, and minerals that support a healthy immune system. As a third-generation family run business and national tea leader, we are passionately dedicated to tea innovation that not only contains better-for-you ingredients, but also enhances everyone’s day-to-day lives.

Let’s take a look and learn more.

Probiotics and Immune Health

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that helps support digestive, immune, and overall health by maintaining the balance of the good and bad bacteria in the gut. We are proud to have the #1 probiotic tea in the U.S., Bigelow Lemon Ginger Tea plus Probiotics Herbal Tea followed by our Green Tea with Ginger plus Probiotics. Sipping teas with probiotics, studies say, can support your immune functions while helping to control inflammation along with many other added benefits.

Vitamin C to the Rescue

Since the body does not produce Vitamin C, it is important to include it as part of a healthy diet as it is a vital nutrient for healthy skin, bones, and teeth, as part of a proper functioning immune system. Vitamin C teas like the much loved Bigelow Tea I Love Lemon Herbal Tea plus Vitamin C, Bigelow Tea Lemon Echinacea Plus Vitamin C Black Tea and Bigelow Tea Green Tea with Elderberry Plus Vitamin C feature 100% of the recommended daily value (90mg) of Vitamin C in just one serving. Take a moment just for you while savoring the flavor and helpful immune support with every sip.  Learn more here about the benefits of Vitamin C in your tea.

Zinc: A Small, but Mighty Nutrient

Zinc, which is stored primarily in our bones and muscles, is an essential micronutrient that, through our diet, plays a role in many different reactions within the body. Zinc can help to boost the immune system, amongst other benefits which include supporting the skin and digestive system. Additionally, when taken regularly, zinc may reduce the chance of getting a cold and could possibly decrease symptoms. By adding zinc to our uncompromising, exceptional flavored Bigelow Tea Blackberry Citrus plus Zinc Herbal Tea, we are able to create a delicious tasting cup of tea that pairs perfectly with a health-conscious lifestyle.

Make Bigelow Immune Support Teas a regular addition to your self-care routine. Comforting and flavorful, each tea delivers additional immune support thanks to functional ingredients probiotics, vitamin C, and zinc that help to keep you feeling strong and energized. Keep sipping your favorite blends because healthy never tasted so good! 


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