Bigelow Tea Shares the Health Benefits of Probiotic Teas

Bigelow Probiotics Teas -

Probiotics, sometimes referred to as “good bacteria,” are an essential part of a healthy microbiome which is our body’s home to trillions of microorganisms that play a key role in keeping us healthy. As a third generation family owned company and trusted tea leader, we, at Bigelow Tea, are proud to have the #1 probiotic tea in the U.S., Bigelow Lemon Ginger Tea plus Probiotics Herbal Tea followed by our Green Tea with Ginger plus Probiotics.

Sipping teas with probiotics, studies say, can help support your immune functions while helping to control inflammation. When you add zesty lemon and the added anti-inflammatory benefits of ginger, you now know why our Lemon ginger plus Probiotics caffeine-free, herbal tea is so popular: it deliciously helps to support your digestion and a healthy lifestyle. Our Green Tea with Ginger plus Probiotics combines Bigelow Tea’s delicate green tea with a zesty hint of ginger and sweet spices. The result is a unique blend of tea with an unmatched flavor: delicious and good for you. 

A Little History

The history of probiotics can be traced back nearly 10,000 years with fermented products, such as beer, bread, wine, kefir, kumis, and cheese, frequently being used for nutritional and therapeutic purposes.

Meaning “for life” in Latin, probiotics’ role in health has been showing great promise for a variety of health issues proving that these tiny probiotic microorganisms are an essential for optimal health.

Because of this, in 2009, Bigelow Tea was the first to innovate and overcome the challenge of finding a strain of probiotics hearty enough to survive the high heat of boiling water needed for hot tea. Using GanedenBC30® probiotics was the answer in providing a delicious wellness tea that helps to support gut health.

The Health Benefits

In taking a deeper look at the benefits of probiotics, this key ingredient is an essential part of improving immune health where benefits include positively impact inflammatory diseases, cancer, and reducing cholesterol studies say. Although probiotic microorganisms naturally live in your gut, adding probiotics to your diet can help:

The Bigelow family continues the tradition for creating delicious teas that deliver wellness benefits that help support a live-healthy journey.

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