Bigelow Tea Shares Research On The Functional Benefits Of Zinc

Cup and package of Bigelow Blackberry Citrus with Zinc Herbal Tea

Sipping Bigelow Tea's Blackberry Citrus Plus Zinc Herbal Tea is the perfect and most delicious caffeine free way to add zinc to your diet. Plus, this special herbal tea features antioxidant-rich blackberries and citrus for an extra health boost!

Before we get into those benefits, let's look at some historical context.

 A History Lesson

In prehistoric times, zinc was first used for healing sore eyes and wounds. The Ancient Greeks relied on it to create ointments, and throughout the centuries, people have continued to use it for its healing properties.

Today, we're only just beginning to understand the full potential of zinc and what it can do for our bodies.

The Many Benefits of Zinc

While our bodies only need small amounts of zinc to function well, that doesn’t lessen the powerful effects of this trace mineral. Let's get into the benefits.

Zinc can help: 

Zinc is an essential nutrient during times of growth and healing. And here's the best part of our sharing this information about zinc: you don't have to swallow a pill to experience the benefits! 

Isn’t it wonderful knowing that sipping tea that includes the functional benefits of zinc is the perfect way to get your daily dose in while taking a moment just for you?

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