Bigelow Benefits Wellness Teas, A Perfect Addition To Your Daily Routine


 Bigelow Benefits Teas - the full product line

The topic of wellness is on many people’s minds, and at Bigelow Tea, we are here to encourage the conversation and the journey as we continue to create teas that support your well-being. With a focus on always delivering a perfect cup, the Bigelow Benefits teas are expertly crafted herbal, green and black blends featuring high-quality ingredients that include herbs, flowers and fruit which are selected specifically to provide an all-natural, healthy benefit that helps foster each tea drinker’s ability to make a good-for-you choice every day. 

Whether you are a longtime tea drinker or you are just starting to explore the world of a perfect cup, look no further than these delicious Bigelow Benefit tea flavors:

Caffeine-free, throat-calming tea features immune-support ingredients including sweet ginger and bright lemon with the soothing sweet flavor of honey.
A combination of authentic echinacea and crisp lemon flavor with a smooth, relaxing herbal finish helps you stay well minus the caffeine.
A relaxing blend of sweet floral notes, cooled with a hint of delicious peppermint helps you to wind down and take a moment just for you any time of day.
A caffeine-free calming, full-bodied floral lavender flavor blend with a sweet chamomile finish, a perfect first step in your bedtime routine.
A caffeine-free blend of spicy ginger with a soothing peppermint finish along with sweet peach is the perfect solution when not feeling quite yourself.
A balanced green tea and matcha pairing with earthy turmeric and a mild peppery kick is a delightful way to begin the day or sip your way towards a midday pick-me-up.
A smooth and rich fruity flavor caffeine-free tea with blueberry sweetness and subtle aloe notes is delicious hot or over ice any day of the year.
A bold black tea with an earthy blend of moringa, ashwagandha root, and turmeric root might be the perfect way to start the day.
Sweet and spicy cinnamon top notes with a smooth balanced sweet and tart finish.
A robust oolong with a combination of citrus notes and smoky tea featuring yerba mate, parsley and red clover is perfect when you want something unique and delicious in your cup.


Bigelow Tea, a third-generation family-owned company, has been a trailblazer in the tea industry for eighty years and continues to push innovation to this day by creating functional teas that enhance consumers’ day-to-day lives.

“Over the past few years, we’ve seen a tremendous demand and expansion for products that support a healthy lifestyle,” says third generation Cindi Bigelow, president and CEO of Bigelow Tea. “With the our masterfully blended range of Bigelow Benefits teas, we created a wellness solution for every day. Healthy never tasted so good!” 
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