Bigelow Tea Brings Us Together In A TeaProudly Way, Won’t You Join Us?


At Bigelow Tea, seeing people come together over a perfect cup of tea is the reason we do what we do. We're proud to be part of special moments because creating a beautiful and flavorful cup is more than a business to us – it is our passion and something we call "TeaProudly."

TeaProudly, From the Very Beginning

Bigelow Tea’s journey began in 1945 when founder Ruth Campbell Bigelow stepped into her New York kitchen with a vision to create a better cup of tea. Ruth's trial-and-error experiment of blending black tea with orange rind and sweet spices led to the birth of both Bigelow Tea’s signature flavor, the iconic "Constant Comment," and Bigelow Tea, the company.

A fun tea fact: knowing that one of the best ways to enjoy tea is sharing a cup in the company of others, the name “Constant Commentemerged from the conversations it stirred amongst Ruth’s friends after they tasted her new tea blend for the first time, for it created constant comments.

TeaProudly, Tea For Everyone

Bigelow Tea’s story is one of innovation as well as a continued focus on creating teas that connect people, invite conversation and make memories. In the 1970s, it was David C. Bigelow, Ruth’s son, and his wife Eunice, who made specialty teas available to all tea drinkers via grocery stores throughout the United States, which changed how Americans were drinking tea.

TeaProudly, Still Going Strong Today

Today, based in Fairfield, CT and still 100% family owned, the Bigelow Tea company, with president and CEO Cindi Bigelow at the helm along with 450 dedicated employees in Idaho, Kentucky, South Carolina and Connecticut, continues to focus on creating blends that provide each tea drinker exceptional flavor whether you are taking a moment just for you or sharing a mug in the company of friends or family. And don’t you know, the legendary "Constant Comment" tea, steeped for the first time 80 years ago, continues to be a favorite, along with over 150 flavors that tea drinkers everywhere can choose from.

At Bigelow Tea, it is our hope that each cup of tea creates cherished times, shared traditions, and nurtured relationships. You are the reason we do what we do, and we are all so grateful for you. Together we are TeaProudly as you can see from some of our tea drinkers below: 

“My grandfather used to watch my sister and I when both of my parents were at work. He used to brew a nightly cup of English Breakfast tea. My parents did not typically serve my sister and I caffeinated beverages at that young of an age, but my grandfather would allow us to take sips of his tea. Later on in life, my grandfather would join my parents and I for dinner. I would always make him a nightly cup of tea, and I was able to join him, since I was older. I have since moved to a different city, but I had the opportunity to come home to celebrate my grandfather's ninety-fifth birthday. On that night, I was able to make him his nightly cup of Bigelow English Breakfast tea, which he said is one of his secrets to longevity! It was a special moment to have been able to reflect on so many moments we have shared over tea in the past and yet another one to celebrate a milestone birthday!” -Megan   
“It started as a teenager. I noticed an elderly neighbor who seemed a little lonely. So, I decided to invite her over for some Chamomile tea (Bigelow's of course!).  We ended up having a beautiful time together. That is when I first learned how enjoyable sharing a cup of tea can be.” – Paula Rose  
“I live in Massachusetts. My friend now lives in Nova Scotia.  I never open up a snail mail letter from her until I’ve made a cuppa. I sip and read with a smile on my face! It’s also the way I start my day. After the dinner dishes are done, I sit to have my final cup of the day. Drinking cups of tea are the book ends of my day!” -Linda 


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