This Is Why Bigelow “Constant Comment” Black Tea Is Something To Talk About

Constant Comment Tea foil and loose tea

“Constant Comment” tea is a unique blend created by Bigelow Tea founder Ruth Campbell Bigelow over 75 years ago and is still made by the Bigelow family according to her original recipe — which is a closely guarded secret!

Inspired by an Early Colonial recipe in 1945, Ruth disappeared into her New York brownstone kitchen with the idea of creating a better cup of tea. After weeks of trial-and-error blending black tea with orange rind and sweet spices, she emerged with her first cup of specialty tea. Ruth gave the blend to friends who later told her the tea was a source of constant comment.” Her tea found a name, and the Bigelow Tea Company was born. 

Three generations later, this iconic flavor, which is available in caffeinated and decaffeinated tea options, is still going strong and is a source of history and tradition for millions of Americans who have found joy in this beautiful cup of tea. As a reminder of the artisanship and dedication that goes into every cup made by the Bigelow family, it’s no wonder Constant Comment has been a favorite for generations of tea fans. Learn more about this entrepreneurial family story by reading The Story of Bigelow Tea Book by second generation Co-Chair David C. Bigelow and take in why “Constant Comment” is curiously different and impossible to forget!

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