Plantation Mint Tea – Case of 6 boxes (120 tea bags total)

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Feeling like the market needed a refreshing mint tea, Eunice Bigelow took to the kitchen to create one of her first blends for the company. She started with a rich, flavorful black tea and then blended just the right amount of mint. One sip and you will see Award Winning Plantation Mint is clean and smooth with the perfect mint finish!
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We use a special foil pouch to protect your tea from any air, moisture and surrounding aromas. So open and enjoy the unparalleled flavor, freshness, and aroma of Bigelow Tea everywhere you go!

Flavor Profile
Taste Profile
Strong refreshing spearmint with underlying mild smoky notes
Enveloping aroma of soothing spearmint
Dark amber
Recommended Temperature
208º F
Steeping Instructions

Be sure to start with fresh cold water and bring to a rolling boil.


Pour over tea bag, steep for 4 minutes (or whatever time you like), remove bag (but no squeezing please!).

For Iced Tea by the Glass: Steep a little longer. Pour over ice.

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by Anna from Minneapolis on 4/23/2017 12:07:14 PM
I went looking for mint tea and knew I had to buy this one when I read the ridiculous reviews. I bought two boxes to make up for those who say they reeeeefuse to buy this tea. Silly people. It's delicious. My new go-to tea.
Satisfyingly Delicious!!
by Rodrigo from West Chester, PA on 4/14/2017 6:55:53 PM
I got this tea by mistake, I meant to grab the box next to it and in stead I was surprise to see it back home from the supermarket. I decided to give it a chance..... Best decision of the year!! I love the robust minty smell and the refreshing taste, I finally found the substitute for coffee in the afternoon. Highly recommended!!
Plantation Tea
by S from Springfield on 4/11/2017 9:46:10 AM
I know I am only one customer, but based on your review section alone I am not the only customer/potential customer who feels this way. I find the name of your mint tea abrasive. I don't believe you selected the name for its ties to slavery but that is what you're current tea name conjures images of when I come across it therefore I refuse to buy it. I like your tea brands and quality but two nights ago when I went shopping and wanted a mint tea I chose to buy a peppermint tea from another company due to the images if slavery your tea name evokes and I refuse to spend my money on something that boasts that connection. I am aware the definition of plantation does not mention slavery but anyone who was even remotely taught any history knows that plantations were the profiteers of slavery. I will gladly purchase mint tea (my favorite type) from your company under a new name but as long as it's called Plantation anything I'll buy from other companies. Thank you.
Consider renaming
by Colleen from Murphy on 4/10/2017 11:23:03 PM
I understand that it is not intended to be racist, and the origin of the term is not racist. However, in our country it has ties to a painful part of our history. It is a shame that a good product is not as popular as it should be due to a name that was selected before we were a more enlightened and welcoming society.
Didn't Like It :(
by Ria from Jacksonville on 4/5/2017 5:42:31 AM
I was expecting a sort of subtle sweet mint flavor mixed with black tea, but this tea really did taste of spearmint like you'd find in spearmint gum, and had an even stronger spearmint aroma. I didn't like it, and may have better luck with a peppermint infused tea, which I wish was a black tea instead of green or herbal, neither of which I enjoy hot.
by Bella from Los Lunas on 3/26/2017 3:06:38 AM
I used to buy spearmint tea at a health food store, loose or in the bag. I was always good at times decent. I don't really care for black tea and I got annoyed never finding the spearmint tea in bags. I saw this and decided to give it a try. I ADORE it!!! The fragrance is overwhelmingly indulgent. Its taste is bold and I can actually for once taste the mint. I wasn't getting that intensity from even the loose tea. It has become my favorite and part of my daily routine. I drink green tea daily and most times I mix the two and it is the delight of my morning! I wake up every morning to it. Thank you. And much continued success to you!
Plantation Mint ICED Tea
by Mollie from Ellington, CT on 3/7/2017 10:33:16 PM
I am from the deep South. I grew up on iced tea flavored with home grown mint. Plantation mint is the most authentic of taste of fresh mint compared to all other brands that I have tried. I brew a pitcher at a time and drink this all day as my beverage of choice. Everyone I offer it to loves it also. BTW- plantation does not mean 'slave'. A plantation is a place for farming a single crop such as tobacco plantations and sugar cane plantations. Yep, even Iowa farmers can call some of their farms 'Corn Plantations'. The word itself is derived from plant/station. Those that want to make an issue of the name of this tea need to find a more worthwhile soapbox. May I suggest the Dakota Access Pipeline..? Now there's something to bellyache about.
Rename Plantation Mint
by Libby from Ada on 2/27/2017 12:24:39 PM
I love this quote from Bigelow CEO: "Being responsible is not something my family does because we can do good things, but because we strongly believe that we should and need to do good things, whether it’s for the community, for our employees, or for the environment." - Cindi Bigelow One important change that can be made for the community and consumers would be to rename Plantation Mint tea. The word "plantation" has very negative connotations associated with slavery, inhumanity, abuse, torture, and maltreatment. The name is a micro aggression. The tea itself is beautiful and deserves a name that reflects that!
Plantation Mint
by Joan from Fairmont on 2/24/2017 10:53:59 AM
OMG...I am LOL at the review from the lady who would never buy this tea because of the name!! Is she living in the 1930's or what????? I LOVE your tea and the Plantation Mint is my favorite! I do wish you still had it in decaf but that's ok...I'll buy it anyway.
That what we call a rose
by Donna from Stuart on 2/7/2017 3:32:31 PM
Would smell as sweet. There are some crazy people out there concerned about the name. Google plantation, no mention of slavery. Great tea yes I've been drinking it for 40 years.
by PHYLLIS ANNE from LASHMEET on 1/31/2017 9:45:59 PM
Microagression Mint
by K from Phoenix on 1/28/2017 10:57:05 AM
I just tried my first cup, given to me by a co-worker. think it's delicious and I'm going to buy more no matter what it's called!
5 better names for this tea
by A from D.C. on 1/26/2017 6:58:21 AM
Do you want to attract new customers? Or repel them? I do not know anyone who would buy this tea because of its name, but I know many who would read it and move straight on to your competitor. Surely the good money you pay your advertising and branding folks can be put to better use. Five better names for your tea: Mojito Mint Mint Breeze Cool Mint Mint Revival Midnight Mint I'm not sure if you're hanging on to the name for tradition's sake, but let's move into the modern era, shall we?
I love this tea
by Beth from Brodhead on 1/24/2017 4:09:19 PM
Awesome tea. I would like a decaf also.
The tea is good...
by Anonymous from Omaha on 1/11/2017 3:40:01 PM
The tea is decent but I would rather there be no black tea added. I realize that "plantation" does not necessarily=slaves but can we please just change the name. The term "plantation" clearly has ties to the concept of slavery in this country and I just don't believe it adds anything to the name of the tea. It is not obvious how plantations have anything to do with spearmint.
Plantation mint
by Miranda from EMINENCE on 12/19/2016 6:35:50 AM
I'm a home health worker and I have two clients who absloutly love your tea my one client drinks the plantation mint all the time but since we live in a small real area it's hard to find the mint we get lucky every once in a while and find it so she buys enough to last her a month thank you so much and God bless
Great Tea, Please Make Decaf Version!
by Erin from Aurora on 11/4/2016 9:08:04 AM
I love this tea! I drink it every day! It would be great if you made a decaf version of it so I could drink it later in the day. I am not a fan of peppermint so the blends of peppermint and spearmint just aren't the same.
Change the Name.... Really?!!
by Roqk from Milton on 7/17/2016 7:43:59 PM
This a delicious and refreshing tea. No need to change the name as it is not racist. If someone thinks "Plantation" is a racial slur, try again. A plantation is a large piece of land (or water) where one crop is specifically planted for widespread commercial sale and usually tended by resident laborers (but not always) and not necessarily slaves. Take for instance Pineapple Plantations in Hawaii. Not many slaves there from the early days of the United States as it was not a state until 1959. No slaves working it now either. How about the cane plantations of Puerto Rico used for rum, like the family owned Bacardi? Maybe we should have the name changed to "Large land mass estate with a singular commercial crop Mint" ..... Or maybe not. How about we all just stop overthinking stuff, quit trying to be overly politically correct and just enjoy this refreshingly delicious tea called "PLANTATION MINT". Thanks and enjoy.
by Claire from West Palm Beach on 6/2/2016 4:27:18 PM
This tea can be made very concentrated, then diluted with Perrier water to make an excellent thirst quencher. Very elegant when served with a mint leaf! The Plantation in the name refers to tea plantations in India, and has nothing to do with cotton plantations.
by Joy from Houston on 3/8/2016 9:45:04 AM
I love this tea, I truly do. However, is there any way to interpret the name that isn't racist? The title seems to echo back to the slavery era. I really would like the word plantation to be taken out of the title. I hope Bigelow will consider this.
I can't taste the mint anymore
by Nick from boerne on 12/24/2015 10:11:20 AM
I love the tea but I can't taste the mint in it anymore. I drank it so much I think I broke my spearmint receptors.
Plantation Mint
by Karen from Slaton on 10/22/2015 3:33:31 PM
I love Plantation Mint and I have been having trouble finding it in the stores I shop that used to have it! How does that work? Do stores have to sell so much to keep offering it?
Plantation Mint Tea
by Kathy from Jacksonville on 8/7/2015 11:30:19 AM
This tea is wonderful! Not only is it a refreshing drink it seems to be a soothing comfort when sick. If you sip this tea very hot at bedtime when you have a cold or respiratory problem it helps clear your sinus, it soothes your throat from coughing and that scratchy feeling. You get a better nights sleep. I told my ENT about it because he had a cold, he got some on his way home from work........now he keeps it in his office for his other patients in the waiting room. It is also great with tummy troubles. I have a condition called gastroparesis and when I am having a difficult time it seems to help with the tummy cramping. Our niece has Chrones and when it flares she uses this tea after I gave her some. We tell basically everyone to try it. There is something about the spearmint blend you use that just seems to work wonders. This is one tea you should advertise during cold and flu season it would fly off the shelf. Thanks for making it!!!
The ONLY mint tea for me!
by Kathy from Bakersfield on 2/14/2015 1:09:38 PM
I've been drinking the Bigelow Plantation Mint tea for over 30 years. I absolutely love it! Lately, though, I can't find it at my grocery store or Walmart. Disturbing! I will be buying it by the case, just in case it starts getting scarce!!! This has just the right balance of tea and mint. Since I'm allergic to caffeine, I've tried the Mint Medley Herbal tea, but it just isn't the same. I now cold brew my tea, which cuts down on a lot of the caffeine, and am able to continue drinking my preferred tea blend. PLEASE DON'T EVER STOP MAKING THIS!!! =)
Great Tea!
by Lee from Sun Valley on 2/5/2015 1:55:38 AM
I drink iced green tea all day. For a two litre bottle I brew five bags of green tea with three bags of Plantation Mint. It's awsome, it's refreshing, it's good for you, gives you all those great antioxidents, and doesn't rot your teeth like sodas. And hey! No calories!
Spearmint Tea without black Tea
by Shereza from canton on 1/11/2015 8:15:55 AM
I wish you would bring back the spearmint tea only. It was so delicious. The spearmint with black tea cannot compare to the spearmint tea. Please reconsider. Thanks
Simply the Best
by Cheryl from Lafayette on 10/6/2014 12:01:50 AM
I'm sipping on a cup of Bigelow Plantation Mint tea as I type this review. It is absolutely the best mint tea I've ever tasted. It's smooth and delicious with just the right touch of mint. It tastes great either hot or cold, and makes the perfect drink for a chilly autumn night or a hot summer day. I also love that each individual tea bag is wrapped in a foil packet which keeps them fresh for ages. If you love mint tea, you can't do better than Bigelow Plantation Mint.
by Cindy from Ada on 9/13/2014 1:33:46 PM
If I could give more than 5 stars I would. This tea is perfection. Smooth, well-blended, and just the right amount of mint. This can't get any better.
Refreshing tea
by Vanessa from CA on 8/24/2014 5:26:18 PM
I had requested a free sample of Plantation mint via Bigelow's website. I used it today to make iced tea and it was so smooth and mild I will have to purchase more. It has a refreshing spearmint flavor and it doesn't have any bitter aftertaste unlike some other tea brands. I found it invigorated my taste buds. If you are in the market to try a new tea I highly recommend this one.
Ice Tea
by Robert from Laconia on 8/2/2014 2:40:58 PM
I always make my own ice tea by the gallon and I use the Plantation mint, and it makes for some awesome tasting ice tea. Now some time I will mix some other flavors to it also but the main one is the mint. I will always buy the Bigelow tea and now that I have you on my list here on the computer I will be ordering it through here.
Tea introduce me to Bigelow line
by Kelly from Santa Fe Springs CA on 7/2/2014 6:59:05 PM
For a lot of people it is Constant comment this is tea that introduce to Bigelow tea Planatioan mint I been drinking off and on too bad not really widely sell here in SO CAL market I try get the tea anytime I grab a box or two My ralphs and Stater bros for some reason stop selling the tea So I try get six box set version for winter time the one that introduce me to this tea is my mom she still drink to this day
Looking for
by Germaine from Manchester NH on 7/1/2014 3:38:00 PM
I am looking for Instant Mint Tea by Plantation
Plantation Mint
by Lena from Newport on 5/26/2014 5:18:34 AM
I love this tea. I wish it was available in a loose tea. The only thing I'm not too thrilled with is the price online with comparison with the price in my local store. One would think that with the middleman cut out the price would be less, buying direct and so on, however, the price directly from Bigelows web site is much higher, almost $1.00 per box. So I will continue to purchase this tea from my local store and stock up when it is on sale for $2.00 per box. Thank you for making such a wonderful tea. Love everything else about it
This tea rocks!
by Sabrina from New Carlisle on 5/18/2014 12:22:05 PM
Hot or iced, this mint tea is awesome. My husband and I both love this stuff. We go to Walmart and buy it at least 4 boxes at a time because we take it to work as well as drinking it at home. Please don't ever quit making this delicious favorite! Now if only the Walmart in my area would carry the Raspberry Royale...
The only one
by Tammy from Baudette on 4/27/2014 3:45:53 PM
I cannot live without this tea it is perfect.I pack them for vacation and where ever I go.I cant take a chance of not being able to find it.I have even had it shipped from amazon over night delivery because I have 1 store in my town and I can't go without it.It has just the subtlest hint of mint perfect.I have run out and even tried to mix herbal mint and black tea and it wasn't good.This is not a powerfully over whelming mint like the others.O.k. I guess you can say I'm addicted to this tea.Can't wait to try the k cup version didn't. Know they made one till now.A little spendy for me at the moment but will save for it.Love you Bigelow Thank You for my plantation mint tea. Tammy
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