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Bigelow Tea | Carefully Selected Ingredients - photo of Cindi Bigelow in a tea field

Carefully Selected Ingredients

Sharing the Same Passion and Best in Class Standards

We believe in long standing relationships with our farmers that last for decades. Because premium quality, care, and ingredients make all the difference.

Bigelow Tea | Photo of Cindi Bigelow with family of tea farmers
Bigelow Tea | Photo of Cindi Bigelow with family of lemon farmers

A Few of Our Favorite Ingredients

Black Tea

Green Tea



Oil of Bergamot


Black tea

Bigelow Tea | Black Tea field in a high elevation garden

Only the Highest Quality Tea Leaves Will Do

Bigelow black teas are handpicked from high elevation gardens using only the top two leaves and a bud, which is the best part of the plant, to deliver exceptional quality and smooth robust flavor.
Bigelow Tea | Green Tea leaf

Green tea

America’s #1 Green Tea

Our green teas have been carefully selected by the Bigelow family to deliver an uncompromised quality tea experience. One sip and you can truly taste the difference.


Bigelow Tea | Mint leaves - sourced from Oregon

Refreshing Spearmint, Cool Peppermint

Our mint teas are grown in the Pacific Northwest by American Family Farmers and always deliver smooth, flavorful, and aromatic blends. Our mint is simply second to none.
Bigelow Tea | Chamomile field where Bigelow gets the chamomile from


Let’s get cozy

Whether the sole ingredient or combined with delightful citrus, fruit or mint, Chamomile’s soft and delicate floral notes make it one of the most inviting and cozy herbal teas.

Oil of Bergamot

Bigelow Tea | Oil of Bergamot from the bergamot fruit in orchard

A Recipe Like No Other

We use 100% real bergamot oil because flavor matters. No flavorings. No shortcuts. Just invigorating aroma and bright citrus taste.
Bigelow Tea | Lemon Orchard with lemons hanging


Juicy Golden Lemons

Our lemon teas are bright zesty blends full of citrus flavor that taste simply delicious.