On a Wellness Journey? Try Bigelow Blackberry Citrus Herbal Tea plus Zinc

Bigelow Blackberry Citrus Plus Zinc Herbal Tea with display of ingredients

Have you discovered your next favorite tea flavor? If not, we have a great suggestion: Bigelow Blackberry Citrus Herbal Tea Plus Zinc! With each sip, you’ll love this caffeine-free combination of fruity blackberry and fresh citrus. And if you’re looking for ways to focus on your wellness, what better way than to drink a tea with immune boosting ingredients like essential nutrient zinc that supports your healthy lifestyle. You won’t want to miss this one!

This bright herbal tea with a sweet and tangy berry flavor and citrus finish has quickly become a Bigelow tea fan favorite not only because it’s delicious but also because with each cup of Bigelow Blackberry Citrus Herbal Tea Plus Zinc, you’ll get the added benefit of zinc, an essential nutrient, meaning that your body can’t produce or store it. This important nutrient can only be supplied through your diet which includes this tea! Tea has always been a good-for-you beverage so by adding functional ingredients like zinc to uncompromising exceptional flavor, we’re able to create a holistically-healthy, beautiful cup of tea that pairs perfectly with a health-conscious lifestyle.

And speaking of healthy and good-for-you ingredients, we discovered that in ancient Greece and Rome, blackberries were used medicinally, and Native Americans used them for food, and medicine as well. Blackberries are a fairly good source of iron, vitamin C, and antioxidants, and offer a natural way to help support your immune system. Of course, when blackberries are coupled with citrus, there’s no turning back!

At Bigelow Tea, tea is all we do. So, every cup counts and that means never compromising – especially as you discover your new favorite flavors. Have you tried Blackberry Citrus Herbal Tea Plus Zinc yet?


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