Bigelow Tea And Heart Health

 Field of tea plants

Tea family, we all understand how comforting the ritual of sipping Bigelow tea can be, right? But did you know that your favorite cup might just be beneficial for your heart? Today, let's dive into the intriguing world of heart health and the connection to drinking a delicious cup with good-for-you ingredients.

Flavonoids: Heart’s Unsung Heroes

Enter the unsung hero of cardiovascular health - flavonoids! Flavonoids are naturally occurring molecules that act as an antioxidant in the body. Tea naturally contains these healthy compounds, says Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health thanks to its high concentration of flavonoids, a class of polyphenols, says Healthline. Polyphenols work in our bodies to help fight off free radicals and oxidative compounds says a study found on Plos One. This same study says flavonoids help with reducing inflammation which would support improvement of heart health as noted in Healthline. In fact, a 2022 Science Daily study supported by the Heart Foundation found that participants who drank 2-6 cups of tea daily had a 16% - 42% reduced likelihood of developing an  abdominal aortic calcification build-up (AAC) affecting the largest artery in the body, overall reducing their risk of heart attack and stroke.

Green tea and black tea are both rich in these powerful flavonoids. Fan favorites include Bigelow Tea Green Tea with Elderberry plus Vitamin C and Bigelow Tea Spiced Chai Black Tea, so make yourself a cup knowing you are helping to support your heart health!

Hibiscus Heaven

If you are in the mood for something light and refreshing, try Blackberry Raspberry Hibiscus Cold Water Infusion or steep by Bigelow Organic Rooibos Hibiscus Herbal TeaA study from PubMed suggests that the healthy components of hibiscus may help in reducing blood pressure levels and may improve blood fat levels, both risk factors for cardiovascular disease says another study from PubMed. No better time than now to love your water and drink a cup of tea where both can enhance your wellness routine.

Let’s together celebrate healthy choices that are delicious! Savor a moment just for you and be well, every day!


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