Bigelow Immune Support Teas That Feature Powerful Ingredient Echinacea

Echinacea flowers with a cup of Bigelow Tea

As the #1 tea company in the United States, Bigelow Tea’s sole focus is crafting a perfect cup of tea made with high-quality ingredients. Flavors delivering functional benefits, as seen through our Immune Support Collection, builds upon Bigelow Tea’s 80 years of exceptional blending. When one of the good-for-you ingredients utilized is echinacea, a native North American plant, we have a beverage that can be included on every tea drinker’s wellness journey.

Fact: did you know that echinacea was once overharvested due to its popularity? Wild echinacea is now protected, ensuring its availability for future generations. Exciting! Let’s dig a little deeper to learn more.

Unveiling the Immune-Boosting Power of Echinacea

18th century German botanist, Conrad Moench, named echinacea after the Greek word echinos, meaning hedgehog due to its spiky, round seedhead. Echinacea is a beautiful, daisy-like purple flower, but note, it is also a potent herbal ally.  Research summarized by Mount Sinai Hospital suggests that echinacea may enhance immune function, thereby helping the body fight off infections more effectively. The same research indicates that echinacea could lessen the intensity and length of cold symptoms by up to 58% when taken at the start of a cold, and could potentially shorten cold duration by 1 to 4 days, highlighting its role in promoting wellness.

Supporting Respiratory Health and Beyond

Beyond its role in immune support, echinacea has been studied for its potential benefits in promoting respiratory health ally. Research from Complementary Therapies in Medicine suggests that echinacea may help prevent incidences of upper respiratory infection up to 22%, offering a natural approach in supplementing respiratory wellness. Working in tandem with other healing efforts, such as staying hydrated and resting, The Cleveland Clinic’s research suggests that consuming echinacea may increase the body’s white blood cell count.

Discover the Calming Power of Echinacea

Widely celebrated for its immune-boosting properties, echinacea may also offer benefits beyond physical health. A recent study from Phytotherapy Research  suggests that echinacea may have anti-anxiety effects. By modulating the body's stress response and supporting overall well-being, echinacea could serve as a natural support for those with anxiety.

Discover Bigelow Echinacea Teas

Experience the wonders of this amazing ingredient with Bigelow teas featuring echinacea

Creating functional teas with high quality ingredients like echinacea enhance each tea drinker’s day-to-day lives, a wellness journey we are taking together. Cup of tea anyone? 

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