4 Herbal Tea Questions, Bigelow Tea Answers



Bigelow Cozy Chamomile, Lemon Ginger and Mint Medley Herbal Teas

Bigelow herbal teas are delicious, well-loved innovative blends made with exceptional ingredients. For three generations, the Bigelow family has delivered an uncompromised tea experience with every cup, and while Bigelow Tea fans everywhere trust what’s in their mug, many still come to us with queries about herbal tea so here are your top questions answered:

What Is Herbal Tea?

Surprisingly, herbal teas are actually not a “tea” at all, but are instead called tisanes or herbal blends that are infused with dried fruits, flowers, spices, and herbs. At Bigelow Tea, we include only the best ingredients like our chamomile in the ever popular Cozy Chamomile Herbal Tea. Whether it’s served on its own or combined with delightful citrus, fruit or mint, chamomile’s soft and delicate floral notes make it one of the most inviting and cozy of herbal teas, perfect for relaxing and de-stressing.

Is Herbal Tea Caffeine-Free?

Herbal teas are naturally caffeine-free because the blends don’t include tea leaves from the Camellia sinensis plant like green and black teas. Sweet Dreams Herbal Tea, for example, is a beautiful tea that features the dynamic duo of chamomile and peppermint plus a spicy-meets-floral hint of hibiscus, rose blossoms, spearmint, spice and orange blossoms. You can rest easy knowing that every sip will deliver quality and exceptional taste.

Does Herbal Tea Have Calories?

Herbal teas are naturally calorie-free (all teas are actually) and help you stay hydrated while offering a variety of wellness benefits based on the ingredients used. Mint Medley Herbal Tea is an example of a calorie free delight whether you brew it for a hot cup of tea or serve it over ice. This smooth tea blend of refreshing spearmint and cool peppermint has a cool, crisp and clean finish and, like many herbal tea blends, contains additional ingredients which in this case includes rose hips, lemon peel and hibiscus all blended to give Mint Medley herbal tea a delicious boost with no added calories.

What Benefits Do Herbal Teas Offer?

Many herbal teas are blended with additional ingredients that promote well-being and good health. For example, I Love Lemon Herbal Tea plus Vitamin C can strengthen your immunity all year long thanks to the many benefits of vitamin C alone. Our Bigelow Benefits line of wellness teas, where most flavors are herbal teas, were created to fuel your body with good-for-you ingredients and help provide solutions for all of your wellness needs. Healthy truly never tasted this good!

With so many Bigelow herbal teas to choose from, the delicious, caffeine free, good-for-you options are limitless.

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