The Mint Medley Mojito

Traditionally, this drink consists of 5 ingredients but Bigelow has added one more - their Mint Medley Herb tea.

1 Drink


  • 1 cup (250mL) boiling water
  • 3 Bigelow® Mint Medley Herbal Tea Bags
  • Wedge of lime
  • Coarse sugar
  • 1 teaspoon (5mL) sugar
  • ½ lime, juiced
  • 3 sprigs fresh mint
  • 1½ ounces (45mL) rum
  • Sparkling water


Make tea by infusing 1 cup (250mL) boiling water with 3 Bigelow® Mint Medley Herbal tea bags. Chill. To chill, place tea concentrate in the freezer for 30-45 minutes. Rub rim of highball glass with lime and dip in coarse sugar. Add 1 teaspoon (5mL) sugar and mint with lime juice to highball glass and crush the mint sprigs. Add ½ cup (125mL) tea and rum. Top with sparkling water. Serve over ice.

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