Green Tea - Case of 6 boxes (120 tea bags total)
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Green Tea is pretty simple. What makes ours so special is that we use only hand-picked tea from high elevation gardens and then we gently process it, bringing out that natural flavor people have been enjoying for centuries. Our tea is not harsh, not too grassy but smooth and very delicate... easy to drink.  Enjoy the whole cup.
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We use a special foil pouch to protect your tea from any air, moisture and surrounding aromas. So open and enjoy the unparalleled flavor, freshness, and aroma of Bigelow Tea everywhere you go!

Flavor Profile
Taste Profile
Slightly vegetal character
Delicate earthy aroma
Golden Honey
Recommended Temperature
208º F
Steeping Instructions

Be sure to start with fresh cold water and bring to a rolling boil.


Pour over tea bag, steep for 2 to 4 minutes (or whatever time you like), remove bag (but no squeezing please!).

For Iced Tea by the Glass: Steep a little longer. Pour over ice.

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Where is the green tea with sweet spices?
by Margaret from Bloomington on 1/21/2018 10:43:42 AM
This is the best tea ever. I have been drinking it for years and now I cannot find it anywhere. Please bring it back if you discontinued it or tell me where I an purchase it. Thank you, Margaret
unsealed tea bags
by Dave from Stanhope on 10/26/2017 10:55:20 PM
The Tea is great & the unsealed bags are annoying. Real Simple Fix: Don't let the top of the tea bag get submerged & you will be fine. Seems simple enough, but it took me a couple of bags to realize a solution.
Please bring back Natural Tea
by Cynthia from Joliet on 6/20/2017 9:20:29 AM
I miss your all natural organic pure green tea. It was truly 5 stars and tasted better than the steep organic pure green tea. Do you still have any of this, or can you please sell it again? All Natural Organic Pure Green Tea.
Peach flavor green tea
by Rose from Ballston Spa on 4/25/2017 2:20:00 PM
I have been drinking bigelow since last year. I've tried most flavors and peach is my favorite along w jasmine. Always a delite for the afternoon. I hope you continue to try different flavors. Thank you.
Green tea
by Lernett from jamaica on 4/6/2017 10:52:02 AM
Bigelow i thank you for making these tea bags. i really love them especial the Green Tea. when every i drink it, makes my body feels so good, i have sinus problem and when every its acting up on me i just drink a cup and in few second am good. I also give my son when he was sick and when he wakes up, he was brand new. Thank you BIGELOW i appreciate.
by Kathleen from Rochester, new york on 3/11/2017 3:01:57 PM
Dear Bigelow co. , just tried your green tea with peach and it's so delicious ! Trying to keep warm in this terrible weather we are having here, it hits the spot. Thankyou.
My favorite
by christine from toppenish, washington on 2/16/2017 12:50:11 AM
Have tried alot of green teas, and they are bland, bitter, too grassy and decided to try my supermarket selection instead of a specialty tea shop and loved this green tea, wonderful flavor, aroma and finish. I started out on Constant Comment as a small child, then Jasmine, Earl Grey and now in my 60's Bigelow is my "go to" brand of tea, I am never disappointed, it is fresh, flavorful and I can count on the Bigelow brand as always being good for "a cuppa".
Loose tea
by Jean from Dania Beach on 2/4/2017 10:10:21 AM
I too have had the problem of the tea bag not being stapled on the top leaving loose tea in the cup. Out of a small box purchased I now have 9 bags that are like this. It also seems to be on the style bag that has the fold over name tag. What a waste, and I love this tea.
Unsealed bags
by Shelley from Walla Walla on 1/6/2017 1:16:15 PM
I like the tea but hate the fact that every second or third tea bag is unsealed and dumps tea leaves into the water. It's enough for me to find a different brand.
Soy in my tea?
by Bob from Marietta on 1/1/2017 2:21:01 PM
The Green Tea with lemon is my favorite tea, however, I just read the ingredients, after using the tea for several years, and find soy lecithin as an ingredient. Why? I thought tea with lemons was the only ingredient's. I stopped drinking soy milk many years ago since I was not happy with the dangers. Seems I need to find a tea without this poison.
Love it!
by Megan from St. Charles MO on 12/6/2016 3:40:48 PM
Just wanted to say how much I love your Green Teas. My favorite is the Green Tea with Pomegranate and I drink 3-5 cups of it a day. Whenever I make a cup at work, everyone tells me how amazing it smells and I have turned a few people onto it. Great job!
Something has changed?
by Rebecca from Huntsville on 12/6/2016 10:08:01 AM
Bigelow Green Tea was my top favorite for the last 3+ years. It has a light, smooth flavor unlike other green teas that have a heavy grass flavor. However, the last two boxes I purchased now have that distinctive grass flavor. I'm very disappointed. Did something change?
Great tea
by Aparna from Downingtown on 11/21/2016 6:35:41 PM
Best, most tastiest selection of flavors. I've tried peach, pomegranate, mint, and a couple of others. Bigelow never disappoints. Without a doubt, the best brand of tea there is!
by Stephanie from Westlake on 10/24/2016 11:10:21 AM
I am a very picky person when it comes to Teas (well anything I drink actually LOL). I like the taste to be very faint but still has good flavoring. I just started drinking green tea a few months ago due to the fact that my body can't handle the amount of caffeine in coffee. So i'm not a huge tea drinker but out of the teas i've tried this is by far the best green tea i've had. I add a teaspoon of my favorite honey to it and it is amazing. It is a bit bitter and hard to taste the flavor but I actually prefer it because it not an overwhelming taste.
by Alexis from Fort wainwright on 7/4/2016 5:14:24 PM
I have loved every brand of green tea that I have tried. Except this one. It has a very distinct taste and I have tried to sweeten it but honey, sugar, or cream won't really change the taste. I bought the 176 tea bag box too :/
Green Tea with Peach
by Lianne from Penfield on 6/28/2016 7:28:18 AM
just as good as it says
by d from Kissimmee on 3/15/2016 11:04:21 AM
I new to the tea world so I decided to try bigelow premium green tea and since then I've been hooked it helps me threw the night as a night truck driver I love the taste love the good feeling when I'm done drinking and love the smell when I just brewed it. Thanks to your tea it haves help me curve my sweet tooth and soda drinking
Bigelow Green Tea Classic
by Lisa from Spring Lake on 2/16/2016 10:08:34 PM
I was having bad acid reflux and switched from coffee to tea. I really like to add honey to this for a natural sweetener. It is great for when I get the late night sweet tooth. It curbs that and I really enjoy this tea. I do not add any creams to it and I Thank you for such a great tea. Oh and even tho my acid reflux over time improves, I just have to still have my hot tea now. I loved coffee, but well, I kinda drink More tea now. Has to be this tea and this brand tho! On my 4th box!
by Adam from Lexington on 12/22/2015 4:00:16 PM
Bigelow Green Tea has been a perfect replacement for all the diet sodas I drink. I get the caffeine I need, and none of the bad side effects of sodas. This green tea stacks up with the best teas out there.
Bad news
by Carla from Lovelady, TX on 12/17/2015 10:16:43 AM
I bought the 176 box of Bigelow Green Tea bags at Sam's Club and the tea results were WEAK. I contacted the company and they sent a packet to be filled with two tea bags and I sent it in. THEN I NEVER HEARD FROM BIGELOW!!!!!!!
GT with POM
by Ashita from Warren on 10/28/2015 11:14:57 AM
I have always loved BIGELOW premium green tea, it gives a very light and feels good after drinking it. I just tried the one with POM, its alarmingly DISGUSTING. I would give a thumbs down, even if is given out for free. It is that bad. Maybe adding POM is to make it healthy but the agenda of green tea is to have a lite feeling. This so called flavor, is so strong with additional apple, hibiscus with it. My green tea is no more green, it is red as blood. Please keep the flavors simple and lite.
Keeps My Weight Down
by Rene' from Easton on 7/17/2015 12:06:08 PM
I have been drinking Bigelow Green Tea with Lemon, Decaf for over ten years. I even make my ice tea with it and I have noticed that it seems to keep my weight just where I want it, no matter what I eat. I drink it without any type of sweetener and when I make iced tea, I use no additive at all. I make ice cubes with what does not fit into my tea container for the fridge. Other teas have come my way but I just ignore them since I am a big fan of Bigelow Green Tea with Lemon, Decaf. During winter I have one cup of coffee in the morning and the rest of the day, I drink your Green Tea with Lemon, Decaf. I just love it.
Dreamy tea
by Martin from Hamilton on 6/3/2015 11:28:08 AM
I have tried countless brands of green tea in many countries and the Pomegranate variety of your tea is by far the greatest! absolutely love it. Keep it going!! :)
Loving the green
by Tristin from Midvale on 4/3/2015 8:31:17 AM
Been drinking Bigelow green tea for a long time. I recently was diagnosed with gluten and wheat intolerance and was decently surprised to know I dont have to give up my one true love. I have tried many tea shops and varieties of green tea. I am hook, line and sinker for Bigelow green tea. I love you dont have to worry about steep time or bitterness. It works well as a hot tea or iced. Just curious to know what the type is (ie sencha ?) Thank you for a great product.
Outstanding Everyday Tea
by David from New Milford on 3/5/2015 11:23:52 PM
For a while, I bounced from tea to tea as the whims of supermarket sales made it convenient, but I stopped with Bigelow. A lot of slightly less expensive every-day green teas either have no string on the teabag, or the string just comes off 10-20% of the time when I open it. Bigelow's green tea isn't finicky, either. I can really enjoy a cup of ever-so-slightly sweet gyokuro brewed just right, but Bigelow for anytime is fantastic. The tea isn't overwhelmingly grassy, and the light flavor actually never turns bitter (so you don't have to hit yourself for not counting the seconds it steeps). I was curious what its caffeine content was one day, and sure enough, you make it easy to find. When I stumbled on a 3-star average rating because another reviewer (who admits being intolerant to tea) gave it a 1-star, I thought it would be a shame not to take a second to say thanks.
Bigelow Tea for Quality and Health
by Jimmie from Waterford on 2/17/2015 8:44:51 PM
I have been drinking Bigelow Tea over five years now. It is good for many things in health and refreshing in taste. I find it very refreshing as hot tea in the mornings. I drink an average of three cups in the mornings and in the afternoons as an iced tea .I steep it in cold water overnight for hot tea as I like strong tea In the mornings. My wife and I have a hot cup together. I fix her two cups for her day at work. I purchase my Bigelow Tea from Sam's Club neat me. They have a variety selection. .
by Jennifer from Knoxville on 2/10/2015 8:06:53 AM
I got severely sick after having this first thing in the morning before anything else however I have gotten sick from other teas in the past and I am trying to identify common ingredients to avoid this in the future. This is not a testament to your quality however can you provide me with the name of the leaves or plant used for this blend of green tea ? The ingredients listed are simplified.
Green tea
by Margaret from Abingdon on 6/19/2014 1:17:59 AM
Love Bigelow green tea. Using cold water to brew for ice tea gives it an extra great flavor. My only comment is that I cannot find the all nature premium green tea bag in a large size. This would enable me to use less of the smaller size. However, it is great no matter what the size, just an economic thought.
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