Raspberry Royale - Case of 6 boxes (120 tea bags total)
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You can tell when we are blending our Raspberry Royale because the entire factory is filled with the sweet aroma of delicious fresh raspberries. We combined hand-picked tea leaves from higher up in the mountains with an exceptional raspberry flavor to create our classic raspberry blend. Just wait until you brew up a cup and experience it for yourself.
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black tea, natural flavors

Caff-O-Meter content per serving

We use a special foil pouch to protect your tea from any air, moisture and surrounding aromas. So open and enjoy the unparalleled flavor, freshness, and aroma of Bigelow Tea everywhere you go!

Flavor Profile
Taste Profile
Smooth with subtle astringency that is balanced with sweet raspberry flavor
Fragrant seedy raspberry
Caramelized honey
Recommended Temperature
208º F
Steeping Instructions

Be sure to start with fresh cold water and bring to a rolling boil.


Pour over tea bag, steep for 2 to 4 minutes (or whatever time you like), remove bag (but no squeezing please!).

For Iced Tea by the Glass: Steep a little longer. Pour over ice.

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Raspberry Royal...Horrible!
by Gail from Gilbert, AZ on 2/6/2018 3:15:36 PM
I have enjoyed your Raspberry Royale tea for many years now. The fragrance and flavor were delicious! I couldn't find it in stores anymore, so ordered it online. Not only is the fragrance nasty now, but the flavor is sickening. Why did you go and change a good thing when it was perfect? I am pitching the 2 boxes I bought in the garbage. PLEASE go back to the original formula for the tea and announce it on your website if you do!
Really everyone.
by Duane from Wyoming Mn on 1/19/2018 11:54:52 AM
This tea is actually the reason I started drinking tea. It's the best not super fruity tastes like the other brands of raspberry tea this one is perfect. Like all of you who do like it. I to had problems finding it in stores. however I will order online from this website. To be honest I don't understand the reason why people hate the new taste. But am currently wondering if the ones I tried are the old ones. Non the less am gonna order if the price is what I think it is. I recommend this tea for raspberry lovers.
Not the same
by Verna from Santa Rosa, CA on 5/25/2017 3:15:31 AM
I used to really enjoy Raspberry Royale, but it just doesn't taste good anymore. Also, it is very annoying that I can't find it in any store.
Raspberry Royale
by Tim from Baton Rouge on 1/25/2017 3:58:54 PM
An assortment of Bigelow green teas was just delivered to our break room. Not previously a tea drinker and decided to try it. Really liked the Raspberry Royale. So far I have tried all of the teas and I feel great! Thank you for a wonderful product!
So Refreshing for Iced Tea!
by Alan from Cold Spring, KY on 1/16/2017 8:59:08 PM
I have tried every kind of raspberry tea I can find, and I can't find anything better. I still like Raspberry Royale the best. I drink it as Iced Tea! It's so refreshing! I am disappointed that I can't find it in the stores, but I have been ordering it by the case for the past 2 years. I hope you never stop making it!
Mild Raspberry Taste
by Tiffany from Boca Raton on 1/11/2017 11:28:21 AM
I don't know what all the bad fuss is about. My cup of tea was under whelming in the Raspberry department, if anything. My mother and I stopped by the Bigelow owned Charleston Tea Plantation years ago and I loved their Rockville Raspberry tea. I was excited to try the Raspberry Royale, thinking it would be very similar, but found it was only faintly hinted with fruit. Not bad per se and I would not turn my nose up at another cup- after all my memory of Rockville Raspberry may be exaggerated and I would need to taste it again to disregard the RRoyale as subpar. Did not pick up on any chemical aftertastes, for what that is worth.
RIP Raspberry Royale
by Ty from Pleasant Valley on 6/4/2016 10:19:53 PM
Raspberry Royale has been one of my favorites for well over a decade. Well, not any more. Having depleted my stock of the original Raspberry Royale, I just recently tasted what is, apparently, the new formula. I can honestly say that I have not tasted a worse tea in my life. Seriously, if I didn't know better I would have sworn that I was drinking potpourri steeped in harsh chemicals--it's really that bad.
Still the same great tea
by Patsy from Ft. Lauderdale on 5/12/2016 3:17:00 PM
I am a little confused by some of the other reviews. I've been drinking Raspberry Royale daily for many years and it's still the same great tea it has always been. I agree that I can't find it in any stores any more but it is easy enough to order online. I have to wonder if people are buying an herbal tea instead and can see why they wouldn't like it if they love black tea like I do. Herbal teas bear no resemblance to real tea. But the original Raspberry Royale has not changed at all as far as I can taste.
by Rick from basin on 4/29/2016 8:56:21 PM
You raspberry royal was my most favorite tea in the world. I can not find raspberry royal in any stores from Texas to Wyoming. I tried the new raspberry royal a friend of mine bought from you and it don't even taste the same any more I was going to buy several cases from you and now I will not even drink it! Your company is going down hill in my opinion! I am looking for a new favorite tea and it will not be any of yours! What is the matter with you people?
Yuck, will not buy again!
by Christina from Barnwell SC on 4/11/2016 9:25:06 PM
I saw this tea on sale at a store I was in and I decided to purchase it. I loved Raspberry Royale. This tea is ruined. What did you do so different with the formula? It tastes like a raspberry scented candle smells. It has a very chemical taste. I have tried it with several different sweeteners (sugar, Splenda, agave, and honey) and also without sweetener. I will not buy this product again.
cannot find Raspberry Royale
by Elizabeth from marietta on 4/10/2016 1:26:47 PM
I loved the Raspberry Royale Tea. I can no longer find the product - Kroger, Publix, Walmart - in Georgia or Florida. In fact, I usually check just about every store that I walk into and I cannot find this tea anywhere. I assume I was drinking the "old" version, but I have not seen any Bigelow RR flavored tea on the shelves in quite some time.
I cannot find Raspberry!!! Why?!?!
by Angie from Elida on 3/16/2016 2:43:28 PM
I have drank this tea for years and cannot find it in our grocery stores! If I do find it, they don't have decaf! Now I'm reading reviews that they changed it and it's fruity? Yuck! That's why I love this brand becaue it wasn't fruity. So annoyed!!!
Dislike new blend
by Liz from Warwick on 2/10/2016 12:20:31 PM
The new blend is much weaker, and fruitier. It lacks the full body flavor of the previous variety. I was told on customer service line that this new blend is all natural and better for you—which is a minor consolation. I absolutely adored the old variety—it was my favorite. EVER. Bring back the old RR!
not good
by Jennifer from Chesterfield on 1/20/2016 9:07:49 PM
This tea tastes like candles! It does NOT taste like raspberry or even smell like raspberry. Come on Bigelow--I'm a huge fan of many of your other flavors, but this is not the quality I expect from your products. Will be buying the Stewart's brand of Raspberry tea until you improve your product.
Awesome! -- Curious About Original Formula
by Jen from Alexandria, VA on 1/13/2016 12:27:46 PM
I'm hooked on Bigelow's Raspberry Royale. It and Bigelow's Lemon Lift are my new favorite teas. Both are incredibly rich, smooth, creamy, and non-bitter and are better, in my opinion, than black-tea-and-fruit blends by more expensive brands like Harney & Sons. Also, while both perk me up (like black tea obviously should), neither gives me a "caffeine headche" like some other teas can, even after several cups. I am curious, however, about the "original" (pre-late 2014?) Raspberry Royale formula, which I've never tasted. If it was better than the current formulation, it must have been fabulous! In any case, I'm very happy with this version. Please keep making it!
Gross!!!! Where is the original??
by Kaitlin from Attleboro on 1/5/2016 6:30:53 PM
This tea tastes like crap. I hope to God you bring back the original!! Read the reviews and listen to the consumers... we want the old tea back!!!!
Shame on you Bigelow
by J from Dayton on 12/11/2015 12:56:01 PM
Your new Raspberry Royale is terrible and nothing like the former, delicious tea. I had a large supply to use and when I couldn't find it in the stores in our area and it is not in the Dallas, TX area where family live; I decided to go to online to order. Wanted to send quite a few boxes to Texas for Christmas. (I tried a friend's new Raspberry Royale and would never want to drink it again.) Thought the old formula would be available on line. From all the negative comments, I hope the company will SWITCH BACK to the original Raspberry Royale!
dissapointed, bring back the original!
by Rui from Cumberland on 11/6/2015 10:18:15 PM
I loved your original raspberry royale tea! This newer style tea is terrible, please bring back the original!
Bring back the original
by Sarah from Cumberland on 10/20/2015 12:20:18 PM
The new Raspberry Royale tea is disgusting. It has a bad aftertaste and doesn't taste like raspberries at all. If there was an option for zero stars that would be my rating. I was in love with the original and this new stuff tastes nothing like it. This was NOT a change for the better. Please bring back the original!!!
by James from Breezy Knoll, TN on 10/5/2015 12:12:48 PM
I love Bigelow tea. And I love raspberries, therefore I SHOULD love this blend. Only, it seems to have little taste at all. It It's weird; it smells great in the bag, but once you brew it, there's no aroma, which ought to give you a clue as to what you're about to experience, which is...nothing. It tastes like warm water. Very disappointing.
Where is the caffeine free Raspberry Royale Tea?
by Donna from Katy on 10/1/2015 9:12:52 PM
I can't find the Caffeine free Raspberry Royale Tea. What has happened to it?
Change is not always good!
by Ray from Dumas tx on 9/6/2015 7:45:45 PM
I order Raspberry Royale tea 4 cases at a time. We got into our new shipment and thought the tea had been packaged wrong. The tea today definitely is not what we have been drinking and will not be purchased again.
where is my raspberry royale!
by Sheryl from oklahoma city on 8/31/2015 2:39:43 PM
I've been all over town trying to find raspberry royale. Please bring it back. The herbal flavors DO NOT work
Please bring back the old, unimproved raspberry tea
by Nina from Cloquet on 8/31/2015 3:01:29 AM
Bigelow Raspberry Royal tea was my absolute favorite tea! I drank many cups every day! That all changed around Christmas 2014. Suddenly my raspberry tea had a musty, slightly smoky nondescript floral taste but definitely not a raspberry flavor! And definitely not good!! It doesn't even smell like raspberries! No one likes the new "improved" flavor! The old flavor was perfect! Please, please, please bring back the old Raspberry Royal Tea!!!
by Jan from Bethlehem on 8/11/2015 8:23:29 AM
There was a time I would have given Raspberry Royale 5 stars. I don't drink coffee, only tea and Raspberry Royale was the tea I drank every single morning and often throughout the day. The new formula has such a different and chemical taste that I just can't drink it. Now it is no longer carried in any of the local stores--I hope this is because Bigelow is busy producing the old formula to stock back on the shelves. Please bring back the old Raspberry Royale, there is only so long your old loyal customers will wait.
My World Changed Today
by Terrie from Aurora on 8/8/2015 8:17:06 AM
I have drank Raspberry Royal maybe 20 years, maybe more? I drink A LOT. A case of 6 cartons a month. I order 7 cases twice a year from Amazon. Yesterday opened new shipment - new case, new box, new bag. WHAT is this? I couldn't drink it. Drank other things all day. In the evening, tried a 2nd cup. Two sips - i knew it was all over. Won't even try it again. Thank goodness for Amazon returns (7 cases is a lot of $$$). PLEASE BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL RASPBERRY ROYAL, I BEG YOU, PLEASE.
Not happy about Raspberry change
by Christina from Bargersville on 7/27/2015 7:00:20 AM
I was not happy about the change in the Raspberry Black tea. I had a few previous unopened tea bags from a previous box. The packaging was different and so was the smell. I even detected a slight difference in the amount of loose tea in the bag. It has been about a year now since the change. I still prefer the way the Raspberry Royal used to taste, but I cannot give up my favorite tea. It is still very hard to find in any store, so I keep ordering on line. Thank you for letting me speak.
by Deborah from Grand Junction on 7/23/2015 1:06:37 PM
Big disappointment after enjoying it for many years. The taste is really awful. It's going in the trash.
What were you thinking?
by Melanie from Plano on 6/28/2015 12:36:02 PM
What were you thinking when you changed the formula for the Raspberry Royale Tea? It is disgusting tasting! I have been buying this for tea for well over 20 years and couldn't believe how terrible this tea tastes. We have a difficult time finding this tea and when we do we purchase all that is on the shelf. Well you lost a loyal customer because everything we bought has gone into the trash. I rated this one star only because zero stars was not an option! It's too bad you ruined a great tea!!!
by Martha from Santa Cruz on 6/13/2015 12:52:56 PM
I love Vanilla Carmel and Raspberry Royal. Can't find them on the shelves any more. When I got to the check out stand...there was a warning that these teas contain chemicals that cause cancer. WHAT? I drink a lot of tea. There wasn't a name of the chemical or other info so I can not bring myself to buy these teas and now question all my teas until I find out more info. I am a cancer survivor. Thought my teas were safe.
by Don from Houston on 6/13/2015 6:23:07 PM
Gotta say, this new Raspberry Royale Black Tea is the worst tasting cr*p I have ever tasted. Threw 3 cases of the stuff out in the garbage ! Will go back to Lipton if Bigelow doesn't bring back the Original Raspberry Tea ! Saw a lot of people in this, WalMart's and Amazon's reviews saying the same thing !!!!!
Undrinkable - Lost an old friend
by Michelle from Littleton on 6/5/2015 9:38:29 AM
** Zero Stars** I have enjoyed both Raspberry Royale and Constant Comment since the late 1980’s – I have so many fond memories with my Grandma, my mom and friends. I know that companies are always changing formulas, packaging for the sake of profit margins. But your tea has always been a staple in our family. I would bring your tea bags as I relocated from state to state and on vacations around the county and the world to have a piece of home with me for my daily cup of tea. I truly feel like I have lost an old friend. I wish you success in the future because I think you are going to need it – you had great products, but have lost a customer for life.
The best tea - ruined
by Nicholas from Tacoma on 5/31/2015 8:19:27 PM
Bigelow's Raspberry Royale has been the best tea that my family and I have ever tasted for decades. This truly stand-out tea was a perfect blend of light fruit flavor without sacrificing the essential taste of a black tea. The new flavor is awful. I'm struggling to finish the box, and may end up tossing it out and never coming back. It is highly synthetic and overwhelmingly fruity. It ruins one of the best teas out there. Please, bring back the original flavor!
Raspberry Royale Tea Tastes Awful
by Dorothy from Sumter on 5/11/2015 4:48:02 PM
I have used Bigelow tea for years, my favorite having been the almond and the hazelnut, but they no longer exist. The Raspberry has been another flavor I have used over the years and have had problems finding it in any of my local and out of state groceries. Finally found a box at a local store to my delight, but upon brewing a cup, it tastes really awful. What have you done with the flavor? I use the Plantation Mint for hot as well as iced tea which is very refreshing. Please don't do anything with that flavor.
Bring back the original Raspberry Tea
by kay from Bozeman on 5/1/2015 9:52:40 AM
The new tea is awful. Tastes so artificial I'm throwing out the box and won't be buying again unless they go back to the original.
Bring Back Original Formula
by Babs from New York on 4/30/2015 12:21:13 PM
I agree with the other recent posts...the new formula is sadly unpalatable...it tastes different and leaves a strange, chemical-tasting aftertaste. Drank the other version for more than ten years every morning...tried buying every available old box I could find. Hoping they will fix this and revert to old formula, or closer to it.
Change the Recipe Back
by Michael from Walled Lake on 4/20/2015 1:04:53 PM
I drank this tea every day for around 5 years before noticing a few months ago the taste inexplicably change. At first I thought my grocery store just had a bad batch but sure enough the packaging soon changed in include a 'New more raspberry taste!'. The new stuff is completely unpalatable, almost revolting to taste. Please bring back the old tea, it was one of the greatest teas on the market.
by Diane from Algqonquin on 4/9/2015 12:36:08 PM
I have been drinking this Raspberry Royale tea for about 15 years, maybe longer, and I have it every morning and look forward to it every morning and I sit and enjoy it after my children leave for school. It has always been a treat an actual treat everyday. We have one store that carries it and I go to that store JUST to buy all the Rasp. tea they have on the shelf. And now you have changed the flavor, the smell and the enjoyment. Please bring back the original flavor and my morning treat (and sometimes afternoon treat) PLEASE
Don't mess with a good thing
by S from Charlotte on 3/18/2015 6:08:03 AM
My wife loves the Raspberry Royale black tea. However, now the local stores only sell the "new and improved bursting with raspberry flavor" which she does not care for. Now we can't seem to find the regular Raspberry Royale tea anywhere. Whatever you did to the flavor, it wasn't an improvement. Ditch the new stuff and go back to the original tea. We're afraid to buy anything online with the potential of getting the new tea sent to us.
Raspberry Royale & Constant Comment
by Deb from McHenry on 3/11/2015 8:34:09 AM
My sister in law got me hooked on the combination of Raspberry Royale and Constant Comment. I can't find the Raspberry Royale in stores any more but I'm willing to buy it on line....please don't ever quit making!
Best tea ever!
by Patricia from Salt Lake City on 3/5/2015 1:05:00 PM
I can't find a market that carries this tea where I live so am now ordering it by the case. I mix this with Bigelow Chamomille Tea, honey and a bit of skim milk. It's heaven. I echo the sentiments of other reviewers - please don't ever stop making this tea!
Best Tea Ever!
by Lois from Allen Park, MI on 1/15/2015 10:26:29 PM
I have Raspberry Royale Tea at least once every day! The flavor is perfectly balanced with true raspberry favour. Other branded raspberry teas are either overly fruity, or fake tasting. This is truly the best! I have now started to add a bag of Bigelow Green tea along with my raspberry bag as well. It's a great flavor combo & a good way to get the health benefits of the green tea at the same time. Please never stop making this flavor!!
Best morning tea!
by Marly from Boise on 1/9/2015 12:00:53 PM
This is the best morning tea! I have had it faithfully every morning for the past 10 years and I love it. Please do not stop making it! I noticed I can't get it in the stores anymore, so I'm worried it will stop being made and I don't know what I'd do without it.
Raspberry Royale
by Kathryn from Wheeling, WV on 1/6/2015 2:00:24 PM
Raspberry Royale is my absolute favorite morning or not feeling well tea. Great for the cold weather days too. Add a little honey and I am good to go. Have not been been able to find it for a few years. Very disappointing.
unique tea
by sandra from kaufman on 1/3/2015 1:52:40 PM
Raspberry Royale is a great tasting tea with some caffeine. Have not been able to find in stores for a couple of years. Live near Dallas, TX. Very disappointing.
Love this Tea!
by Julie from Tyler on 11/29/2014 6:48:22 AM
This is my all time favorite tea!! Love the raspberry taste, its like having dessert without the calories. Wish it was easier to find in my local stores.
Headaches? Sweet relief from Raspberry Tea
by Genavina from Orangevale on 9/12/2014 6:23:05 PM
So I suffer from typical sinus and tension headaches and even the occasional migraine. About 5 years ago I drank some Bigelow Raspberry tea when I was experiencing a headache and discovered it provided great relief. This is now my go to remedy whenever I suffer from any headache. It works every time. I've tried other brands when I didn't have my Bigelow's Raspberry tea handy and found they don't work at all. I don't know what it is about it that helps; I only know it works like a charm. I keep a couple of packets in my purse at all times, just in case.
Fragrant and delicious!
by Teresa from Maysville on 8/4/2014 8:17:54 AM
This tea is my go-to tea. While infused with a wonderful raspberry flavor, it is still good, basic tea. Grounded and wonderful. And----what is better than raspberry?
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