Tea Pairings

Tea Pairings

 Oolong:   oolong_tea                                                                                        

This tea is a traditional Chinese beverage. Its distinct, unique character stems from its smokey flavoring and rich, nutty overtones. This oolong note ends with a subtle complexity of sweetness and is a perfect counterpart to seafood dishes like scallops and lobster.


 Jasmine Green:    Jasmine_green                             

Jasmine Green is one of China's finest beverages. Its pleasant aroma of jasmine and its light, delicate, flowery note give the tea a refreshing taste and satisfy the taste buds. Jasmine green works well with delicate flavored foods such as chicken, fish or any Japanese cuisine.


 Black Tea:black_tea

Black tea such as Assam is one of the most invigorating drinks in the world and can be considered a morning tea. Its robust character and multidimensional taste profile leave a pungent sensation on your tongue and give the tea its refreshing and rich quality. 

Ceylon Black tea is more of an afternoon tea. Originated from Sri Lanka, this tea produces a dark red liquor that is bold and possesses a full body and earthy character. A splash of milk changes the texture and is a perfect replacement for coffee. Black teas are a fabulous complement to dark chocolate gateau and creamy desserts.


 Green Tea:green_tea

Green tea is a soothing brew with a mild and subtle flavor. Its smooth mouthfeel lingers on the palate and extends the overall taste experience. This tea is a great complement to subtly flavored foods such as seafood, rice, salad and chicken.



This high grown gem from India yields a light colored beverage with a tinge of astringency. Its delightful aroma and nutty character leave a cool sensation in the mouth. This dynamic tea goes great with peppery duck dishes, chicken dishes, lamb and beef.



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