Learn about the history of tea, tea flavors, brewing tips and more at Bigelow's Universi-tea


Do you know the difference between brewing great green & black tea?
Watch Cindi and learn how to make the perfect cup of tea every time!

ExperTeas, Part 1

Learn about different types of teas and how they are prepared.  Do you know which teas is the "champagne of teas"?  The difference between herbal tea, green tea, white tea, black tea, and oolong tea? Which tea is unfermented, fully fermented, semi-fermented?  Join Cindi as she discusses each type of tea and how they are made.  


How to Naturally Decaffeinate Tea

How much caffeine is in black tea and green tea vs. coffee?  Why does green tea have less caffeine than black? In this video, Cindi will show you how to naturally decaffeinate your favorite Bigelow Tea flavors.  


What is IN Your Tea?

How do you know you are drinking a quality tea? Cindi will demonstrate the five signs of tea quality:  Size of leaves, individually wrapped, no "tea dust", no stems, and hand-picked. High quality tea is visibly different from lesser quality teas.  Cindi puts several teas through a side by side comparison to show the difference so you will know how to select a quality tea every time.


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