Bigelow Tea and the Right Thing to Do

The Right Thing to Do...


Why have a SustainabiliTEA program? Why be "green"? Why put so much energy into protecting our planet? Because it is the right thing to do...


Bigelow Tea is a family company that has tried to do the right thing for both the planet, the community and our employees since my grandmother founded the company back in 1945. Why? Simply stated because all of us can and all of us should... that is why we want to share our mission with you. Maybe things we are doing will help create more positive energy by others to do good things on this earth. Maybe it will help our employees continue their good effort. Maybe it will spur our customers to share with us some of the good things they are doing. And maybe it will convert someone somewhere to try and do more...

As I have said to those around me for a very long time "do the right thing, and good things will follow". We can make a difference, each of us. It doesn't have to always be "big things" either. If we each take even small steps to make this planet better, together, we can move mountains. So you will see some of our programs are quite expansive (like our 1.5 million dollar solar panel project) and some of our steps are quite small-like bringing in our own tea mugs so that we do not continue to add to our land fill with disposable cups. But large or small, they are all important.

So let us share with you all of our efforts here at Bigelow Tea to help make this world a better place. Hope you will agree, together, we can make a difference...

Cynthia R. Bigelow
President Bigelow Tea



            "Bigelow Tea celebrates 65 year Anniversary by planting trees  to commemorate continued growth since 1945"

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