Bigelow Tea Sustainability 3rd Sustainability Round Table a Healthy Success


3rd Sustainability Round Table a Healthy Success

Our 3rd Sustainability Round Table was hosted by family owned Hubbell Heaters at their headquarters in  Stratford, CT.  This time, the focus was on Wellness; Hubbell is in the forefront in terms of offering employees options for a healthier lifestyle. 

Bill Newbauer, CEO, certainly has vision!  Bill thought it would be great for employee morale and to attract new employees to renovate their old manufacturing factory space and that he did.  They replicated a very cool loft like you would in downtown New York City.  The space includes a large game room where employees can congregate to unwind, de-stress and also hold meetings to help "think outside of the box".  The central office area also houses a warm, welcoming kitchen where lots of healthy snacks are served throughout the day.  In fact, Bill takes such an active role every Sunday, shopping for snacks for the week for all 65 or so employees.  Now that's hands on Wellness.

The most impressive Wellness program, however, is the brand new on-site fitness center. What really makes this special is the fact that they have hired a full time professional trainer to provide 1-on-1 training.  For those that have worked with a trainer, you know how much more effective working out with a trainer is. 

Thanks Bill, for a wonderful Wellness experience!


Hubbell Heaters Healthy Kitchen



Hubbell Heaters De-Stress, Fun Game Room





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