Frequently Asked Question about the Bigelow Teas Packaging Refresh

Bigelow's New Look FAQ's


Why did Bigelow change packaging/design?

We've been in business for almost 70 years and we felt it was time to re-examine our packaging. We believed we could better unify our look and our messaging across our different tea lines (herbal teas, green teas and black teas), but more importantly, we wanted to do a better job of letting our boxes share with our consumers who we are as a company, and as a family. Among other changes, each panel of our box was carefully reviewed to see how we could tell consumers about our efforts to create the best recipes possible, about how we got started as a company, and why we put our teas in foil pouches. We care very deeply about quality and are really proud of our family heritage - this felt like the right time to reacquaint our consumers with those values and with the ways in which those values have made us the company we are today.

We are proud that in making these changes, we have also been able to give our consumers a box that is cleaner, simpler, easier to read and emphasizes the Bigelow brand and the flavors they love, and we've simplified the experience our consumers will have when shopping for, preparing, and enjoying Bigelow Teas.


What's actually changing?

Some of the changes we've made include:

  • We've added one of 9 unique family stories to the top of each box. These stories share important, surprisingly fun facts about our company's heritage and values.
  • Our logo is easier to read and speaks to our American, family owned company history
  • We've made sure our teas are easier to find, easier to share and easier to understand.
  • We're sharing more about our recipes and the ingredients that make them so tasty.
  • We're telling consumers about our commitment to quality in everything that we do: flavor, freshness, packaging, and ingredients.
  • On the bottom of the box, we tell consumers the name of the Bigelow employee who packed that box, and we've also made the "best by" date easier to read.
  • A convenient tuck tab makes it easier to open and close our new, sleekly designed box.


What's NOT changing?

  • Are the flavors different? Nope!
  • Did the ingredients change? No way!
  • Is the number of tea bags in each box different? Definitely not.
  • Do I get the same amount of tea in each box/bag? Absolutely!
  • Is pricing different? Only by a little bit. It's been years since we took a price increase and our price increase is actually a result of increased cost of ingredients and raw materials.


The instructions now say "no squeezing, please." Why not?

There's no need! A common myth is that you have to squeeze the tea bag to get the flavor out of your tea, but it's not necessary at all. (In fact, squeezing the tea bag will only put bitter tannins into the cup - yuck!) Why get your fingers wet if you don't have to?!


Why are the brew times on the box different?

Offering a time range can be confusing for some consumers, so we decided to provide a specific recommended time for each type of tea. That said, really, you can brew your tea for whatever time you like - there is no "correct" steep time: it's all about your personal preference! 


Why did you remove the nutrition panel/facts?

Because we offer a naturally calorie-free, fat-free and sugar-free beverage, we're not required to put nutrition information on our boxes.  However, all of that information is available on our website or by calling our Customer Service team. Is there something I can help you with today?


Did someone buy the company out?

Definitely not! Since Ruth Campbell Bigelow started Bigelow in 1945, we have been - and continue to be - 100% family-owned and operated.


Is the foil pouch new?

Nope! Because tea is a leaf, if not correctly protected, it can absorb whatever is around it - from air and moisture to surrounding aromas. We've always used our special foil pouches to ensure that our tea stays completely pristine, fresh and flavorful. Next time you open up a pouch of Bigelow tea, take a whiff - you'll be able to tell exactly what we're talking about!


Did the box just become recyclable?

Nope! Our box (as well as our strings, tags, and tea bags) have been recyclable since before the packaging refresh. It's important to us that our consumers know we're doing our part, and that we're encouraging them to do the same!


What does the new logo say/mean?

Our new logo, which states "America's Classic" and "Family Tea Blenders Since 1945" pays homage to our heritage as an American, family-owned company - two attributes of which we are very proud.


The new logo says "America's Classic"... are Bigelow's teas grown in America?

Bigelow markets over 100 varieties of tea (including black, green and herbal), all of which are blended and packed in the United States - specifically in our Fairfield, Connecticut, Boise, Idaho, and Louisville, Kentucky plants.


If I have a box that still has the old design, does that mean I have old tea?

Definitely not. We're moving as fast as we can, but because we have a LOT of tea in a lot of places, some stores/regions will get Bigelow's new packaging more quickly than others. No matter what the box you get looks like on the outside, you'll absolutely get the exact same quality, flavor and freshness inside that we've always delivered. We promise! (Note: Even if you have a box at home that was purchased a while ago, and the "best by" date on the bottom of the box has passed, there's no need to be concerned about your safety or health.)


When can I expect to see the new boxes in my local store/town?

We're moving as fast as we can - we promise! Because we have a LOT of tea in a lot of places, some stores/regions will get Bigelow's new packaging more quickly than others, but we expect the new packaging to be distributed nationwide by Fall/Winter 2013.


How have consumers responded to the new packaging?

They like it a lot, and we're glad! Much of what we changed/added came directly as a result of consumer feedback. As we at Bigelow reflect on our company's rich history, it's important to us to simultaneously maintain a commitment to core values like quality, freshness, and family, AND to challenge ourselves in ways that help us to innovate and stay relevant. The last 68 years have been great, and we're determined to make the next 68 years (and beyond!) even better.




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