Beauty Home Remedy of the Week: Tea

Beauty Home Remedy of the Week: Tea by Budget Girl

For all you tea drinkers out there, your beverage staple can be used for your beauty as well.

Tea has some great antioxidant properties and be used for several beauty uses such as:

1.  Minimizing the look of dark circles

2.  To reduce eye puffiness or swelling - place used tea bags in the refrigerator first, than apply to the eye area.

3.  Blemish Control - As a natural astringent, you can dab a moist tea bag on your pimple to help dry it out.

4.  Lip Toner -  According to Bigelow Tea, you can apply a warm tea bag to your lips for about 5 minutes.

5.  A nice pedicure bath - add peppermint herbal tea bags to your pedicure bath for an aromatic soak.

Chamomile is a great choice for eyes, although green, white, black tea or herbal teas will work just as good.   To prevent any staining in the eye area, make sure you use the bag to make tea first before applying to the skin. 

Now let's sip to that!


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