Prevent Heart Disease By Three Cups of Tea

Prevent Heart Disease By Three Cups of Tea by Antara News

The researchers said that drinking three cups of tea a day can prevent heart attacks and strokes. Reviews of new shows black or green tea regularly can reduce the risk of heart problems by 11 percent, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Tea reduces the progression of plaque in arteries, the combination of fat and cholesterol. Reviews of researchers at the University of Western Australia said that the benefits of tea largely caused by the levels of flavonoids, antioxidants that prevent cardiovascular disease. A cup of tea contains 150-200 mg of flavonoids.

Reviews were published in the scientific journal "Molecular Aspects of Medicine."

"There are consistent data indicating that tea and flavonoids may enhance the nitric oxide and improve endothelial function, which is partially responsible for the benefits on cardiovascular health," said Dr. Jonathan Hodgson, who co-authored the study.

Dr. Catherine Hood from the industry-backed Tea Advisory Panel compares the research on heart health benefits of tea conducted by researchers in the United States (U.S.) with Europe.

"Compared with the U.S. study, the benefits of tea for the heart is very strong in European research. This includes research in the UK where the most tea consumed is black tea," said Dr. Hood.

"Plaque in the carotid artery (a marker of atherosclerosis / inflammation of blood vessels) has shown less common in men and women who drank tea. Considering the amount of research, including experiments on humans, the data showed that the flavonoids in tea may inhibit atherosclerosis."

"This review also highlights evidence from randomized trials that tekendali showed that tea consumption can improve the health of the lining of blood vessels as evidence that tea may reduce the risk of high blood pressure and lowering blood pressure."

"Adding milk in tea does not affect the absorption of flavonoids from tea, based on some human research trials. In addition, antioxidant effects seen in our blood after eating a similar tea though milk is added or not." And that evidence continues to grow about three or four cups of tea every day not only good for general health, but also heart health.

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