High Time for Green Tea , Green tea may help diabetics

High Time for Green Tea by WholeFoods Magazine Staff

green_teaDiabetes. Green tea may help diabetics because it can regulate serum glucose levels in the body. So, exactly how can green tea offer this benefit? It inhibits both salivary and intestinal amylase, thereby causing starch to be broken down slower and minimizing the rise in serum glucose levels. Green tea may also heighten the body's sensitivity to insulin, which might lower one's risk for diabetes (2).

A Japanese retrospective cohort study of 17,413 participants (6,727 men and 10,686 women, ages 40 to 65, with no prior history of type 2 diabetes) was implemented, along with a five-year follow-up questionnaire. Study findings were based on consumption of coffee as well as black, green and oolong teas (the three main tea types). During the five-year assessment, some 444 new cases of diabetes developed in 231 men and 213 women. Green tea, along with the aforementioned caffeinated beverages, was associated with a 33% deflated risk of diabetes (3).

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Posted 7/26/12


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