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Green Tea Facts & News by Karin I Manning

Learn The Latest Green Tea Facts & News About Green Tea Side Effects

The great news and facts about green tea is the miraculous side effects that people are experiencing drinking green tea. Are there any adverse side effects to drinking green tea? Keep reading this article to find out the truth.

The reality is that when you start adding Green Tea in any form of Green Tea product into your daily life it will greatly impact on your life in a positive way. Positive side effects of Green Tea include healing a cold, preventing the flu, preventing cancer, and making you look years younger.

The side effects of Green Tea are massive. It's important that you start adding Green Tea to your daily routine as soon as possible so that you can start to experience the positive side effects too! Another fact of the matter is that there is a 99 percent decrease in liver rejection after a transplant simply by drinking 5 cups of Green Tea every day.

The ultimate Japanese Green Tea is said to come from the Uji region of Kyoto. The location of Shizuoka Prefecture is also renowned for its high quality green tea. While Japanese green tea is clearly not better than, say, Chinese Weight Loss Green Tea, the highest quality and grades of Green Tea are said to come from Japan or grow in this part of the world.

There is absolutely no doubt, and many studies have shown this, that Green Tea is a very effective fat burner. In fact, it is said to be as natural as many unnatural fat burning dietary supplements. That is one of the best things about adding Green Tea to your diet and one of many positive side effects achieved through drinking green tea. Green Tea is all natural and it is far more than just a dietary supplement to help you burn fat faster. It can also help your body heal in much more ways than you first thought possible.

If you are serious about weight loss then you have nothing to lose but weight by adding Green Tea to your weight loss program. Most people find it extremely hard to lose weight. However, when you add Green Tea to your weight loss program you will be amazed at the results. Using green tea to speed up your weight loss is definitely the right way forward.

Green tea is available in a range of Green Tea products other than tea bags and loose leaf tea. Green Tea extract drops are also becoming more and more popular. Green tea extract drops are a very highly concentrated form of Green Tea, far more than Green Tea tea bags and Green Tea loose leaf tea. Green Tea extract drops contain much the same properties of Green Tea, however, in liquid form. Green Tea extract drops can be much more convenient than having to brew a cup of Green Tea.

Are there any adverse side effects to drinking green tea?

The fact of the matter is that green tea does contain caffeine which can make some people feel a little agitated. The great news is that green tea comes in decaffeinated forms as well so if you don't want to endure any possible side effects from drinking green tea with caffeine then consider a decaffeinated brand of green tea for drinking.

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