Does green tea (or any tea) contain lead?

Does green tea (or any tea) contain lead?

This is an often misunderstood topic.  Articles that have been written can be very confusing to the consumer when information has been taken out of context.  A cup of green tea and black tea are 100% safe and have no safety concerns for lead.  Although lead is in almost anything we consume, as it is a naturally occurring compound that gets into our agricultural products as well as our water, it is in almost undetectable levels in a cup tea.  As stated by Dr. Cooperman in the recent report, "Lead: The liquid portions of the teas brewed from the products contained very little lead, posing no health concern."

Here are some facts we think are helpful for you to understand:

Lead Levels:

  • Tap water is allowed .015 ppm of lead by the EPA
  • Bottled water is allowed .005 ppm
  • Sugar is allowed .1 ppm
  • Candy for children is allowed up to .1 ppm
  • Table Wine is allowed .3ppm
  • Juice is allowed .05ppm
  • A cup of Bigelow tea has .00125 ppm (this is the maximum amount found in our teas in all of our years of testing, which is consistent with the results found by  *Please note they are well below the bottled water  limit  (by close to 80%). 


This is why a cup of green tea is VERY safe as it has exceedingly low levels of lead. 

That was the point of the recent consumer lab report.  We passed their safety standards without any concern.  The only comment Dr. Cooperman was making about the leaf was to not eat them (and that statement was for all the green teas he tested) as lead can be found in the leaf but NOT in the cup.  The reason being that heavy metals, for the most part, are water insoluble and therefore DO NOT infuse into the cup and that is why tea is so clean from lead. 

So avoiding lead is certainly an understandable thought process, but it is important to understand the facts about lead.  That is why we wanted to share with you the facts above.  A cup of tea is not of concern for lead, as Dr. Cooperman's report supports. 




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