What teas are comparable to flavors that have been discontinued?

What teas are comparable to flavors that have been discontinued?


Discontinued Teas Comparable Flavor
Apple Orchard Apple Cider
Berri-Good Red Raspberry; Pomegranate Pizazz;Cranberry Ginseng; Pomegranate Blueberry
Black  Currant Raspberry Royale
Blueberry Harvest Pomegranate Pizzazz; Red Raspberry; Cranberry Ginseng; Pomegrante Blueberry
Cherry Vanilla Vanilla Chai; French Vanilla; Raspberry Royale
Cinnamon Apple Cinnamon Stick(contains caffeine); Perfect Peach
Chamomile Lemon Cozy Chamomile; I Love Lemon
Cinnamon Spice Cinnamon Stick(contains caffeine) ; Perfect Peach; Orange & Spice
Cinnamon Stick Decaf Cinnamon Stick (contains caffeine); Perfect Peach
Cranberry Apple Pomegranate Pizzazz; Red Raspberry
Fruit & Berries Red RaspberryPomegranate Pizazz
Hibiscus & Rosehips Sweet Dreams; Chamomile Mint
Plantation Mint Decaf Plantation Mint (contains caffeine)
Raspberry Royale Decaf Raspberry Royale (contains caffeine)
Specially Strawberry Red Raspberry 
Take A Break Perfect Peach; Orange & Spice
Tasty Tangerine Perfect Peach; Orange & Spice
Taste of the Tropics Orange & Spice; Chamomile Mango
Vanilla Almond FrenchVanilla; Vanilla Chai
Vanilla Hazelnut FrenchVanilla; Vanilla Chai
White Tea w/Tangerine Novus Pai Mu Tan; Green w/ Peach


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