Community Employee Commitment Earth Week in November at Bigelow Tea

Earth Week in November at Bigelow Tea

In our ongoing efforts to celebrate our GWC (Greening Wellness Community) program and initiatives, the Bigelow Green Team decided to flip the age old Christmas in July concept and sponsor an Earth Week in November. The intent of this week was to engage our employees by having a fun week of greening and environmentally friendly activities and events. We began work back in September on a theme for each day and then we began to fill in the details. Each day had a project leader and a raffle prize associated with it. The days and their events were:

  • On Monday, November 11, 2013 we launched our Used Coat Drive where we collected gently used coats, hats and mittens for the Bridgeport Rescue Mission. Anyone who donated was eligible for a $50 gift certificate at the Burlington Coat Factory.
  • Earth_week_coat_donation


  • On Tuesday November 12, 2013 we held a Made in Connecticut Holiday Fair where 10 vendors came to Bigelow and sole their products all of which were made in Connecticut. All employees who shopped were given a reusable Bigelow tote bag and were eligible for a number of gift baskets as donated by the various vendors.
  • earth_week_vendor_fair


  • On Wednesday November 13, 2013 we held a Grow Your Garden Indoor Day on site seminar on the best way to bring your garden indoors. All participants were entered into a raffle to win an indoor terrain.
  • earth_week_garden_seminar


  • On Thursday November 14, 2013 we conducted a Trash to Ornament Contest where employees were asked to make ornaments out of trash or those products that are recycled. We put up our Christmas tree early this year and all ornaments were hung. Participants were eligible for a raffle prize of a $50 gift certificate at Jones Tree Farm.
  • earth_week_make_ornament_recyle

  • On Friday November 15, 2013 we held an America Recycles Day event. All employees who signed an "I will recycle" pledge card were given a reusable water bottle complete with Bigelow logo. All those who signed the pledge were also entered into a raffle to win a reusable solar panel designed to charge electronic devices via the sun's natural power.
  • earth_week_sign_up_recyle_pledge

As it was a companywide event, our partner Plants in Boise, Idaho and Louisville, Kentucky also participated. While overall they held they similar events, there were also a few different events.


  • In our Boise and Louisville Plants, they also showed recycling educational videos that highlighted such topics as what happens to a water bottle that is not recycled or what happens to a used cigarette butt hat is thrown on the ground.


  • Our Boise Plant also conducted an event centered on "How to Build a Hydroponic Farm". During this day, the Boise Plant actually conducted & held an exercise on how to build a working and functioning hydroponic water farm.

  • earth_week_hydropnic_water_farm


It was just part of Bigelow's ongoing commitment to our GWC (Greening Wellness Community) program and initiatives. It was a fun week and evidenced by all the participants, it was a successful week. One employee was heard saying "this is the most fun that have had at work ever".







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