Meet Bigelow Tea's Boise ID Green Team

Meet Our Green Teams
Meet Our Green Teams

Boise ID Green Team




Boise "EIT" Green Team

Bigelow Tea Green teams continue to grow and expand as we welcome our newest Employee Involvement Team (EIT) including Ken Gerber, Terri Hamilton, Esther Fildes and Nancy Bostic who will guide Bigelow Green efforts in the Boise Plant. 

Team Goals

  • Identify and implement green initiatives that achieve waste reduction and energy savings; reducing overhead costs.
  • Increase employee awareness and knowledge through training programs and educational.


How We Are Accomplishing Our Goals


Waste Reduction

  • Added a new plastic recycling station in the lunch room in addition to the cans and paper that are already recycled.  Read more. We are averaging about 2 garbage bags of plastic per month while reducing overall daily garbage can usage from three cans to one. 
  • The Boise Plant will conduct a minimum of one recycling drive per trimester, possibly two.   
  • "Mixed Paper" Recycling drive in April 2010 to occur throughout the year. Employees will be encouraged to bring in all recyclable paper from home (excluding cardboard, phone books) on the day of the event. All recyclable paper will be weighed and the employee bringing in the most paper, by weight, will win a $25 gift card; the 2nd place winner will receive 2 movie tickets.
  • Next planned recycling drive will support Aluminum Can recycling. 
  • Planning to buy each employee are-useable water bottle to cut down on plastic waste and will possibly implement this with our Water Conservation presentation.
  • The EIT Green team will be visiting Western Recycling to get more information on their recycling processes, such as recycling plastic wrap.  


Energy Savings

  • Participate in the local "Idaho Power" Demand Response Program This is a voluntary power reduction program for businesses to reduce power during the summer when power is in peak demand. The Plant will receive notification for a need to reduce power and will assess and shut down our equipment for 2 to 4 hours during peak hours. This program helps to keep Idaho Power from having to build additional power plants just to be able to meet the unusual demand spikes.  By managing the peak down, there is a substantial


Employee Awareness and Knowledge 

  • In November, 2009, Allied Waste visited our Boise Plant and conducted a presentation on Recycling. It was very educational, and provided excellent information on recycling at home & work.  
  • Idaho Power to provide a presentation to all employees on energy education and power conservation in the home and at work.
  • United Water to provide a presentation on general Water Conservation.
  • During Earth Week had a paper shredding drive.  Read more


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