Bigelow Tea donates used computers to various charities

Community Activities
Community Activities

Donate used computers to various charities

Ever wonder what happens to all those PCs, monitors, printers, and servers at Bigelow in Fairfield when they are no longer needed?  We began a program to donate computer related equipment to charitable non-profit organizations.

For equipment that cannot be used effectively within the company but still have functionality, Bigelow donates used computers and peripherals. The equipment is then given a second productive life.  This equipment provides the necessary tools to support and train people with disabilities, economically disadvantaged persons, or students at risk to lead more independent and productive lives. Organizations we have donated to include the Cristina Foundation and BAYM (Bridgeport Area Youth Ministry).  We welcome any ideas or suggestions for other worthy charities that may be considered.

Computers that cannot be used by these organizations are recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.  They are packed onto a pallet and picked up by a licensed recycling company to be recycled.


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