Tea Time: Bigelow Tea’s Guide to the Beauty Benefits of Tea

Placing Bigelow Green Tea tea bags on your eyelids

Bigelow Tea offers more than just a delicious mug of tea! Did you know it can also do wonders for your beauty routine? That’s right — tea is rich in polyphenols, antioxidant compounds that work to protect your cells from damage.  

Tea has actually been used for centuries by beauty, health and wellness enthusiasts who search for ways to look and feel their best. So how can you take advantage of these benefits? Keep reading to learn four ways you can use tea to elevate your beauty routine to the next level. 

4 Tips for Adding Tea To Your Beauty Routine

The effects of tea are pleasantly versatile, from treating your skin to taking care of your dental hygiene, for example. Here are some ways to use tea that you may not have thought of before: 

  • Banish bad breath with green tea: The polyphenols in green tea may prevent the bacteria responsible for bad breath from growing, a 2021 study So, sip and smile on - drinking green tea can help keep your breath smelling fresh! 
  • Say bye to eye bags: Reduce puffiness under your eyes by soaking two tea bags in warm water, let them cool and place them over your closed eyes for about 20 minutes. According to a 2020 study, the tannins in tea are anti-inflammatory, which can help calm swelling and reduce those pesky bags. 
  • Soothe sunburn: To soothe sunburned skin, steep six to eight black tea bags in eight ounces of water and let them cool. Then place the tea bags on your skin to create a refreshing and pain-relieving sunburn remedy.

As you can see, tea is more than just a delicious beverage — it can also do wonders for your wellness. So, the next time you’re looking for a beauty pick-me-up, reach for a cup of tea, always!