Can you imagine our excitement here at Bigelow Tea when we received word from Everyday with Rachael Ray Magazine that one of our teas had won first place in a Black Tea Taste Test?! Yes, it’s true, we were informed that in the February 2011 issue of Ms. Ray’s delectable magazine our very own Plantation Mint Tea would be featured as the BEST in the “black tea with HERB” category!

Here’s a preview of what Everyday with Rachael Ray Magazine says about our fantastic Plantation Mint:

Since its introduction half a century ago, this blend has amassed a loyal following—and it won over our judges too.
Black tea adds depth (plus caffeine) to sweet, invigorating spearmint leaves.
“This would be the ultimate morning pick-me-up!” one taster exclaimed. Another noted that it’d be delicious served iced.

Plantation Mint was developed by Eunice Bigleow and introduced in 1961. It continues to be a consumer favorite, ranking in sales among our top three flavored black teas. We love it whether it’s hot and soothing, iced and refreshing or in one of our favorite recipes like Bigelow Frozen Iced Tea!

Thanks, Rachael, for recognizing our tea. We love you too!