With training camp on the horizon, we sat down with Phil Simms for his take on the 2017 draft, and new rules being implemented for the upcoming season.

  1. What is your take on how the Jets and Giants did in the 2017 draft?

The Giants had a very good draft this year. Their first-round pick, Evan Ingram, was a very good pick. We all know he catches the ball well and has top-flight NFL speed. At Ole Miss, he ran a lot of routes that will translate to the NFL immediately. I think he will have immediate success in the Giant offense. Tomlinson of Alabama was a steal in the second round. He’s very strong and should handle blockers very well right from the start because he was trained like an NFL defensive lineman. He will replace Jonathan Hankins and wont miss a beat. The third-round draft pick, quarterback Davis Webb, was worthy of being picked and could have been a second-round draftee in a lot of people’s minds. He definitely has NFL starter talent and capabilities. If you’re a Giants fan, you have to be excited about what they did in this year’s draft.

The Jets drafted safeties Jamal Adams in the first round and Marcus Maye in the second round. That raised a few eyebrows because it was back-to-back safeties when their team has a lot of other needs. Once Jets fans see these two guys play, however, they will understand why the Jets made these picks. Physically, they have a chance to be a tandem that could be as good as any two safeties in the NFL. Their third-round pick, wide receiver ArDarius Stewart, is a good, solid receiver who should also adapt to the NFL very quickly. He played against great competition in college in the SEC and will give the Jets quality depth right from the start at WR, which is a position a lot of people worry about with the New York Jets.

  1. Many experts applauded the job the Browns did in the draft. What’s your take?

The first pick, Myles Garrett, was a no-brainer. He should have an immediate and positive impact for the Browns defense. It will be interesting to see where they play first-round safety pick Jabrill Peppers and how they use him in their defense. I would expect him to play some on the offensive side too, where, by the way, I think he could be a full-time offensive player in the NFL. David Njoku is a local guy from New Jersey. He is fast, experienced, and everybody in the NFL is now looking for a tight end that can run like Njoku to take advantage of LBs and safeties. So I guess my answer is it’s good, but I do have some questions about how it works out with Peppers and their second-round quarterback DeShone Kizer of Notre Dame. He was very streaky in college and one thing that I think all fans and I know in the NFL: You can’t survive being hot and cold. You have to be consistent and he must improve in that area.

  1. Did you notice any sleeper mid-round picks taken by teams that you think could make an impact in 2017?

There are probably 50 sleeper picks from this past year. This was one of the deepest NFL drafts that I have ever seen. There were so many good players; a lot of teams are going to be very lucky to have starters come out of this draft from rounds 4 to 7.

  1. What are your thoughts on the two young Jets QBs? Do think Petty or Hackenberg can emerge as the 2017 starter and into the future as well?

The one thing I know about the NY Jets this year, no matter what their record is, it won’t matter to a lot of Jet fans. All they want is the answer about one of these two QBs. No matter what the Jets do this year, they must find out if one of these quarterbacks is the future of the Jets franchise.

  1. What are your thoughts on the rules changes that start this season (OT and cut down day, specifically)?

I have no problem with either rule. The 10-minute OT does not bother me at all. There are a lot of people upset about them. I am not one of those. Ten minutes is plenty of time to decide who deserves to win the game. The cut down day is a good thing for the players and the teams. It will give the teams more depth to have quality practices for the last couple weeks of preseason, and it gives the players one more chance to show that they are worthy of making the team.