In our Plants

  • 85% of our packaging is Biodegradable or Recyclable
  • Our outer case shippers are made from 100% recyclable material using water-based glues. They are: 100% biodegradable, 100% compostable and can be recycled up to 6 times
  • Recycling 100% of all raw tea containers.
  • Installed a dumpster to recycle metal-based materials such as old broken pallet jacks, metal shelving, machine shop scrap aluminum and carbon steel, tin spools and other recyclable metals.
  • Use recycling kits for used fluorescent lamps, ballasts and batteries.
  • In 2011, we shred about 5 tons of used packaging to be reused as package filler in our Direct Marketing business. This allows us to avoid disposing of the materials and eliminates the need to purchase new packaging material.
  • In an effort to increase our 97.8% efficiency rate for recyclable waste the Bigelow Tea Louisville Plant has teamed up with Total Filtration here in Louisville who will be providing the Louisville facility with 100% recyclable air filters for our HVAC system.  Read more
  • Bigelow Tea cares about the environment, the community, and wellness.  Our relationship with The Idaho Foodbank hits all three:  we re-use boxes, which helps the environment, each box that is used helps feed a hungry person from our community, and we're proud that The Idaho Foodbank focuses on nutrition - a key ingredient in wellness. 

In our Offices

  • Installed "single stream" recycling bins in the cafeteria to collect metal, glass and redeemable items.  This allows employees to discard all materials (bottles, cans, papers) into one bin, increasing the amount of materials we recycle.
  • In 2012, began collecting foil overwrap from tea bags consumed in our plant and office to be recycled for a variety of purposes, such as manufacturing welding rods and brake pads.
  • Established programs to recycle electronics equipment such as computers and photo copiers.
  • Recycled disposable batteries and replaced them with rechargeable batteries.
  • Recycling empty inkjet cartridges and donating to a program called "Funding Factory Cartridge Recycling Program," allowing teachers to use the funds raised by this program to buy computer supplies for the children.
  • Recycling old sneakers for Nike "Reuse-a-Shoe," a program that creates playing surfaces for underserved communities.
  • Implemented a program to recycle video tapes.  Employees bring old video tapes to work and the tapes are delivered to recycling locations.
  • Conducted an Electronic Recycling Drive.
  • Cooking oil from our Fairfield CT Cafeteria is sent to a processing facility in Waterbury, CT where it is converted to biodiesel fuel.
  • In our Boise office - using PC Recyclers of Boise, for proper disposal of computers, phones and otther electronic equipment.  Read more