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There is a lot of conjecture upon what's causing our earths increasing weather fluctuations, could it be climate change or global warming? One thing is for certain, our water resources are becoming harder to sustain and is becoming increasingly expensive.

As we and others around the world experience significant weather fluctuations from extreme snow storms, massive hurricanes and record breaking temperatures never before seen in our lifetimes, we all have a part to play in using our water resources more intelligently.

Each of us can do something; we can all play a significant role in protecting and guarding one of our most vital assets by paying particular attention to our day to day use of this precious commodity at home and at our place of work. Over the years R.C.Bigelow has come a long way in developing in many areas and conserving energy and other vital resources is a primary objective throughout the company. In our Boise facility we have implemented some improvements and are working on a number of others that will help reduce our water usage significantly.

Current improvements & savings:

  • Installed energy efficient dishwasher - Estimated saving = 765 Gallons per year. 1 cycle per day/255 days per year.
  • Installed electronic sensing faucets - 180+ hand washes per day = 22,950 Gallons per year.
  • Installed early closure adjustable toilet flappers in 9 stalls, 120 visits = 58,140 Gallons per year.
  • Shut off unused sprinkler heads, quantity 15- each 2.5 gallons per hr = 1,687 Gallons/3 months

Estimated Total = 83,542 Gallons per year

  • Toilet fill cycle diverters saves ½ gal per flush = 15,300 gallons per year.

Estimated Total = 59,130 Gallons per year

Grand Total = 136,672 gallons per year.

As you can see, it's amazing how it all adds up; a little investment in time and effort up front can bring huge savings of this most valuable resource in the future. It is worth noting that all of these improvements cause little if any inconvenience to each of us, just a slight change in how we view & address the issues.

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