We at Bigelow Tea believe if we do the right thing, good things will follow.  Across our three manufacturing facilities and our corporate headquarters, we identify opportunities and share best practices to reduce our energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and water use. 

All facilities: Reduced electricity usage by nearly 10 million kWh

Over the past several years, we have reduced our energy consumption by over 2.5 million kWh in our Fairfield plant alone through energy efficiency measures. This translates to savings of over 2.7 million pounds of carbon, or the equivalent of planting 41 million trees.

Here are just a few examples of the things we've done in our facilities: 

  • Lighting: Replaced light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs in all offices in all three facilities
    • Replaced lighting in common areas with efficient LED lights (e.g. exit signs, loading docks, kitchen), saving 15,000 kWh, or enough energy to power 1 house for 14 months
    • Installed compact florescent light bulbs throughout the three facilities
  • Motion Sensors: Installed motion sensors in all of our offices and conference rooms as well as on all conveyor belts in our plants to automatically turn off when not in use at our Fairfield Headquarters and Boise Plant, reducing our energy consumption by over 345,000 kWh annually, or enough energy to power 27 homes for 1 year.
  • Auto Programming: Added automatic programming "On/Off" switches to our dust collecting machines, reducing the machine run time and only running the equipment when necessary
  • Timers and Insulation: Installed on all hot water tanks and HVAC systems. This has saved over 7,000 kWh of energy translating to over 7,000 pounds of carbon or the equivalent of planting 114,000 trees annually.
  • Air Compressors and Storage Tanks: Our Boise facility has replaced aging equipment with more energy efficient air compressors that supply air based upon demand, significantly reducing run time.  The air is then stored and released as needed, and air pressure was reduced from 105 pounds to 85 pounds with no loss of productivity.  Our Fairfield plant has installed air storage tanks in order to compress and store the air during off peak hours when it is more cost efficient. This air is used to cool the laser printers used to print barcodes on our tea bags as well as to control the valves that push the teabags into the tea boxes.  These efforts have reduced our energy consumption by over 365,000 kWh, or the equivalent energy needed to power 28 homes for 1 year.
  • Air Conditioners: Installed energy efficient air conditioners, reducing more than 26,000 pounds in carbon emissions; equivalent to planting over 380,000 trees.
  • Heating: Added an "economizer" to our Boise plant HVAC heating and cooling system to pull in outside air when temperatures permit. In the past, we would have run the air conditioning during the cold Idaho winter to offset the heat produced by our packaging equipment. NO MORE! Additionally, we studied and improved our thermostat settings and sealed leaks around our windows, doors, and docks.
  • Water: By adding low-flow "water restrictors" to reduce the amount of water per minute released from the sink faucets, our Fairfield headquarters reduced its water consumption by over 100,000 gallons. In our Boise facility we have implemented some improvements and are working on a number of others that will help reduce our water usage significantly.