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By Barry Harwood, Boise ID

When Sari asked me to write an article about wellness and to talk about my efforts to lose weight over the past 3 months I felt very hesitant to do so because as I, and most others know am unfortunately not what you might call a great example in this area. (Sari didn’t happen to think that was accurate, so I got to writing).

Having smoked since it was fashionable to do so and in my later years having developed a ‘little’ middle aged spread by eating too many curly fry sandwiches did not leave me with much to say in representing wellness comfortably. So In order to be able to raise my head a little and maintain eye contact with my fellow coworkers I came to the conclusion that I will have to commit myself fully and share with you my ongoing pledge to be successful in my endeavors to get into shape, from now on It will be so difficult to revert back to my old ways as it’s all out in the open, for all to see!

I have been trying very hard to lose weight just lately and have been slowly seeing improvements in my waistline since going on my low carb diet and have lost about 20lbs since March 27th. Apart from the odd binge here and there things are going pretty well. Goal #1: lose 57lbs and reach 180lbs by Christmas.

My nemesis however is cigarettes, I have tried many, many times to quit the habit and have failed miserably each time, my hat is off to those who have never smoked and I am truly happy that you’ve never experienced the total misery that this destructive habit can cause throughout your life.

On a brighter note I am pleased to see that we have had several amongst us give up smoking over the past few years; Kemal, 3+years now, Darrel 6+ months and Steve 5+ weeks, they are giving it all they have got and are well on their way to achieving their goal, I wish them all continued success and I am inspired and personally appreciate how hard they have tried to get this far.

So not to let a great opportunity pass me by I have decided on Goal #2: as from June 2nd I will become an ex smoker.
It is my sincere hope that whoever feels like they would like to join me in this undertaking and feel the need for a little support I would be more than pleased to help in any way I can, if you like to wager, I’m up for that also, choose your robe!
Don’t be proud, we all need a little encouragement and support from time to time in overcoming some of life’s challenges, if you’re as lucky as I have been to come across special people who can supply that potentially life changing and motivating support that can assist you in achieving your goals, make the most of that opportunity!

Always acknowledge those who care enough to help you, those who Inspire, encourage and offer you genuine support and in good turn support those  who may also be in need of some ‘life changing’ assistance.

Shout out for Mark, Sari, Darrel, Steve & Kemal thanks, your inspirational!!

Barry Harwood (work in progress)

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