by Gabe K,  Fairfield CT

Inspired by the results of the composting program here at Bigelow Tea, our family also included composting into our weekly schedule at home. We have been separating out most of the kitchen waste, tea bags (a lot of those) and paper towels, etc. since the summer of 2013, Now that my children are older, the do-it yourself style sand box has been "up-cycled" to 'organically' create good soil over time.  At first I was skeptical but as the weeks went by it became very clear that we are now reducing the garbage volume in the neighborhood of 35 to 40 % per week.  During some weeks we keep the Sanitation Department busy only on one of the two days scheduled for collection.   This is one way our children are learning that maintaining the cycle and balance in nature is possible even in a suburban environment and a small contribution like ours can make a difference.  We can hardly wait for the spring when we are dreaming about new flowers coming into bloom from the composted soil!