by Jane Knight, Charleston SC

On July 31, 2014, I participated in a worthwhile community event, “Bee Night”, which took place at the Medical University of South Carolina’s Urban Garden located in downtown Charleston.  Bee Night was an event hosted by “The Bee Cause Project”, an organization whose mission is to educate young people about the importance of honeybees and their wellbeing.  They do this by installing beehives in area schools.  In 2013, the USDA released a report with concern that the US does not have enough honeybees to pollinate crops, which would impact our nation’s food supply.  Along with the many beehives that they have installed in area schools, they have installed an observation beehive at the MUSC Urban garden, a garden whose mission is to build a healthier community by growing crops and educating people with local, nutritious food.  This Beehive was unveiled at “Bee Night” and the community was invited to attend the special event.  I took several gallons of unsweetened tea to the event.  We sweetened the tea at the event with the honey produced by the bees and attendees were able to enjoy Charleston Tea Plantation tea sweetened with local honey.