by Rosie, Rodgriguez, Boise ID

Cold and Flu season comes around every year. If you are not ready for it, you could be in for a miserable season.  Some of us choose to get the flu shot, while others do not.  Is there really a right or wrong answer on flu shots?  Or is it just how a person’s immune system responds on its own when exposed to the flu?  Discuss this with your doctor.  In the meantime, here are some great cold and flu prevention tips.

Exercise: It’s a proven immune booster.
Eat and sleep: For good over around health-it’s just like mom said, “eat right and get plenty of rest”
Wash your hands often: Using warm water and soap and be sure to wash for several seconds.
Watch your fingers: Avoid rubbing your eyes and nose, instead, use a tissue.
Cough or sneeze into a tissue: Not your hands
Clean for Virus prevention: Use disinfectant often when cleaning your home.

We are fortunate that Bigelow cares enough to look out for us.  They bring in an outside vender to provides free flu shots (for those that want them), they supply our break room with hand sanitizers, and they even appoint personnel to periodically sanitize the doors to prevent the spread of any virus.