by Sari Trompke, Boise ID
It has been a very full week in Boise celebrating Earth Week. Our first event was a “seed giveaway” and a how, where and what to plant in your garden information sheet. This is a great time of year to get your garden going started. We then had a fun “Earth Day Knowledge Walkabout Scavenger Hunt.” Clues for where to find the answers were given to anyone wanting to participate and they were placed throughout the plant. The winner received a great Garden Basket as their prize including a “hip” gnome for their yard. This was a great opportunity to learn some important facts about our Earth and how we impact it every day. We also had a wonderful Human Footprint video playing throughout the week and an awesome Farmers Market selling local produce to the employees outside at the end of the week. A fun week and a great reminder about being kind to the planet we live on and to try to make a difference every day even in little ways!