by Sari Trompke Boise ID

It’s not every day you feel like what you do makes a difference. But giving to the local YMCA is a different story. Every day, the Boise YMCA has children and families from across the Treasure Valley come to their facility. Whether it be to swim, learn a sport, play basketball, camp or even day care offered through the YMCA. But not everyone can afford to do what they consider luxeries to many families. Here is where Bigelow is able to come in and help by making a donation to the YMCA scholarship program. Through the YMCA, children learn the values that make the YMCA including character development, integrity, community responsibility and developing lifelong friendships and mentorships. My family has been part of the YMCA all our childrens life and we have seen such a wonderful experience come out of it for all of them. We are thankful for the YMCA in helping to mold the children in our community. It is wonderful that Bigelow is giving back to an organization that cares so much for those families that walk through their doors each day. The money we donate will help with children who are unable to afford camps, after school programs, team sports and other activities which help children gain confidence in themselves.

Marsha Frost, Center Leader from the Boise YMCA receiving the donation from Bigelow Tea. She is VERY happy!