By Cindi Bigelow

I will never forget the first Bigelow Tea Community Challenge Road Race.  I actually scheduled it for my wedding day back in 1988.  We put on the race to raise money for any employee whose son had passed away in a car accident and the money was going toward the local high school in Norwalk as a scholarship fund in Dave Czelewitz’s name.
So when we planned the race, we planned it for 8:00 a.m. in Norwalk at a local school.  I remember the first race had about 50 people which were mostly employees, family and friends.  I actually ran it—it was the one and only time I ever ran in the Bigelow Tea Community Challenge.  I prepared and prepared and prepared—it was so much fun!  I only did one race, but my best time ever…about 8 minute miles, which was great for me.  I was very proud.
When the race was all done and I was trying to get ready for my wedding, my mother just looked at me and she just made so much fun of me that on the same day that I was getting married, I would also be in a road race that I had planned as a company event.
But it was a very special day, a very special memory for me and now all these years later, we raised almost a million dollars for charity.  I have never been in my road race since but I have enjoyed being a part of it every year both in the planning and in watching all the smiling faces as they cross the finish line.  We have come a long way since the first race back in 1988 but it still has the same wonderful spirit that it did on my wedding day. 
It’s a memory I will always cherish!