Multi Use Copiers in the Bigelow Tea Offices

Waste Reduction
Waste Reduction

Multi Use Copiers ……by Steve Ortiz

After considering a review of all network printers at RC Bigelow Fairfield location, the IT department decided to move forward with Multi-function printers (MFP) derived from several key factors: 

  • Reduce inventory, maintenance, and the cost of consumables
  • Improve overall document management
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Reduce physical footprint

MFPs can perform all functions such as print (color and black&white), copy, scan, and send and receive faxes. We can reduce physical footprint and reduce operating costs by eliminating expensive fax machines and unnecessary Laser-jets printers.  We will reduce consumable goods by standardizing toner cartridges.   In addition, MFPs consume less electricity!

After deciding to standardize on the Kyocera MFPs, we now know we can take advantage of their strict environmental preservation measures such as:

  • Ozone Layer protection
  • Waste reduction
  • Energy and resource conservation

Kyocera organic photo-conductor  and amorphous silicon printing drums is capable of handling hundreds of thousands of prints. These drums are separate from the toner eliminating the need to replace the drum when toner is depleted. 

The Kyocera MPFs are ISO 14001 certified for its environmental system and its used to distinguish how it impacts the environment





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