Bigelow Tea is Going Green(er) with Customer Orders

Waste Reduction
Waste Reduction

Going Green(er) with Customer Orders

One of Customer Service's WWW goals is a great green goal as well!

Customer Service has a WWW Goal of having 70% of all orders received via electronic methods by the end of FY13.

We continuously encourage customers to trade with Bigelow Tea electronically. It is a fast, more efficient way of processing purchase orders and it reduces the amount of paper that we need to use to print off orders or to print invoices (for those customers that cannot receive invoices via email). There are still a good number of customers who fax their orders to us, resulting in Bigelow having to use paper to print out their orders.iStock_000015781116Small_green_order

Well, in March we were able to begin trading electronically with UNFI, which is the leading U.S. independent national distributor of natural, organic, specialty foods and related products. In FY12 and year to date FY13 Customer Service received 352 orders via fax from UNFI, some of those being multiple pages. By now trading electronically with UNFI we will save a considerable amount of paper by no longer having to print off orders. This saves paper and expense for Bigelow Tea!

We are continuing to work with more customers on trading with Bigelow via electronic methods. In fact, we hope to be receiving purchase orders from Sysco, a leading food service distributor, electronically in the month of April. We will keep you updated!




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