Waste Reduction

Waste Reduction
Waste Reduction

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and More...

Over the last few years, Bigelow Tea has made a company-wide commitment to achieve "Zero Waste to Landfill" status. We have been using as our guide the guidelines of the Zero Waste Alliance which state that a company can claim being a zero waste to landfill facility if they divert 90 per cent of their waste from the landfill and no more than 10 per cent of their waste ends up in the landfill. Through aggressive recycling, raw material reduction and reuse and compost methods coupled with employee education and engaged Green teams throughout the company, Bigelow Tea can now make the claim that across all 3 manufacturing facilities, we are a Zero Waste to Landfill Company.

To learn more of Bigelow Tea's accomplishments in this area, please read Talking About Bigelow's Trash Reduction Successes

At our Louisville, Kentucky facility, they are currently diverting 95 percent of their waste from the landfill. Our Boise, Idaho facility is currently diverting 92 percent of their waste from the landfill and Our Fairfield, Connecticut facility is diverting 100 percent of their trash from the landfill with 18 percent of that total being sent to a local Trash to Energy Plant. To ensure that our process is transparent and structured, we diligently track our weights and have created an internal auditing process. While we are happy with our results to date, we plan to keep pushing the bar higher and seek to divert as close to 100 per cent of our solid waste from the landfill as possible.





Our Fairfield Facility is now zero waste to landfill!

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85% of our packaging is recyclable.


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Composting success at Bigelow Tea

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