Tea and Herbs Suppliers for Bigelow Tea

Supplier Relationships
Supplier Relationships

Tea and Herbs Suppliers

We are working with ethical tea gardens in Sri Lanka, India and China, who understand and have been following sustainable farming practices for over 30 years. Many of our suppliers have been with us for several decades due to the fact that we recognize their commitment to protect the crop as well as the quality of life they offer the workers and their families such as providing higher than average wages, free room and board and free medical treatment.

Our worldwide supplier of tea and herbs practices holistic sustainability principles, including a focus on environmental, economic and social responsibility throughout their supply chains. Recognizing their interdependence with nature, some of their suppliers use a technique called controlled, integrated cultivation (CIC), which emphasizes fewer chemical pesticides and long-standing contracts with farmers. In some cases, their suppliers purchase land to ensure sustainability and ample supply. Our supplier uses their own seeding and breeding techniques, and then plant, grow and harvest the plants. Our tea supplier ensures quality through a comprehensive, certified quality management system, which covers every aspect of the process from soil and seed to the finished ingredients used in our teas. Here are a few examples of what they are doing to make a difference:

  Reducing Environmental Impacts During Production and Distributionapple_orchard_picking

  • Our growers reduce waste through methods like composting herbal tea dust and spreading it on the fields as a natural fertilizer.


Focusing on Fair Working Conditions and Providing Opportunities for People 

  • Our supplier personally establishes long-term agreements with their business partners, including customers, laboratories, employees, farmers and families
  • They ensure working conditions meet strict guidelines on social and ethical responsibility through regular audits
  • They partner with local organizations to improve the lives of their workers, including support for building wells, sanitary facilities or even schools in the communities 
  • loose_tea

 Supporting Fair Trade 

  • We at Bigelow Tea currently offer three fair trade teas: Organic Ceylon, English Breakfast and Novus South Indian Select, which we source from fair trade vendors
  • Much of our tea is grown in high elevation tea gardens in Sri Lanka, where farm workers are unionized, providing them quality of life with higher than average wages, medical treatment, room and board


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