Bigelow Teas Fairfield Plant Oh Captain, My Captain…2nd Sustainability Round Table a Huge Success


Oh Captain, My Captain…2nd Sustainability Round Table a Huge Success

Although only 3 companies were in attendance including our host, Paul Murphy (pictured on left) from Electric-Cable, our 2nd Sustainability Round Table proved to be a lively sharing of ideas as well as a very insightful and "colorful" tour of Electri-Cable's operation in Shelton, CT.  Each time we tour a new facility, we get to experience many of the environmental upgrades and employee wellness programs first hand.  On this special day, we were greeted at the front door by Captain (pictured on right), one of the Electri-Cable company owner's dogs who comes to work every day and is/was the life of the party as you can see by the photo below! (he is the one on the right J.  In fact, Captain is just one of the many employee pets that frequent the office with their owners in tow as part of the company's Employee Wellness program.  And although this program may not work for Bigelow, we walked away with a several new ideas as always..and learned how others approach sustainability related challenges.. for example, there is a huge culture shift including a new mission unfolding at Electri-Cable, empowering employees to "Be Inspired and Inspire Others". Perhaps Captain is rushing progress a bit hastily?  We're all looking forward to our 3rd get together early in 2014..more GWC to come!

Paul_Murphy_Electri_Cable               Captain_from_Electri_Cable 



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