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The Right Thing To Do...

Why have a SustainabiliTea program? Why be "green"? Why put so much energy into protecting our planet? Because it is the right thing to do...

One of the most important things that the Bigelow family as well as everyone at Bigelow Tea tries to do is make a difference. How do we do that? We do it many ways, and it was a philosophy started by my grandmother, Ruth Campbell Bigelow and very much continued by my parents, David and Eunice Bigelow. Today it is ingrained in the culture of our company as articulated in our Mission Statement. It is simple "do the right thing and good things will follow."

This pertains to all aspects of our business. It starts with producing only the finest tasting teas hand picked from mountain grown gardens. Every new tea created must be personally approved by a member of the Bigelow family. We at Bigelow tea are serious about protecting the environment, giving back to our community and taking care of our employees and their families… for future generations.

This year, Bigelow Tea, the Fairfield Plant, attended their fourth Sustainability Round Table.  Read more

The Louisville Plant showcased their sustained business practices towards greening and protecting the environment at the First Annual Brew Ha-Ha.  Read more

Some of Our Achievements

Energy Conservation


kWh of solar energy solar panels have generated to date; enough to power 568 homes for a year

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Land Preservation and Protection


Number of acres held by Bigelow Tea to prevent it from future real estate development

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Waste Reduction


waste going to landfill from Bigelow's three facility

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Supplier Relationships


Square feet of new facility our primary overwrap supplier is able to heat or cool using only 1/14th the energy that would normally be used (equal to the amount of energy required to heat a 2,857 foot facility)

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Land Preservation


Bigelow Tea purchased The Charleston Tea Plantation in May 2003 to save the 127 acres from future real estate development...

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Employee Commitment


Here at Bigelow, all employees are committed to making a difference...

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Community Involvement


Bigelow Tea has organized the Bigelow Community Challenge road race since 1988, and has raised over $699k for local charities in annual road race

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